Adonis Memories


This post is a little early but there are only three performances and limited tickets so wanted to give everyone a heads up.

From the website:

untitledIN OUR WORDS presents Adonis Memories, an immersive play that shares stories from patrons of the famed Adonis gay porn movie theater that was a Midtown Manhattan landmark from the 70s-90s.

Adonis Memories will be performed at Paddles, one of few public sex venues still in existence in New York City. The audience is not invited to engage in sex acts during the show. What they are invited to do is to experience these sex positive stories in a place built for communal sex. The setting itself acts as an authentic portal into feeling the energy that was part of what drew countless men to the Adonis in its day.

 The audience will have the opportunity to hear the stories of Adonis Memories told in dark corners or out in the open. They can follow the actors around as they act out the stories. If they choose, they can even participate in different ways. The actors will not touch the audience. And no one will be asked to do anything they do not want to do. All 21 years old and up are welcome to come and explore this forgotten NYC history.

The show is playing three nights only: Feb 4, Mar 4, April 1





  1. Saw this last month. Unless they change significantly, it’s such a wasted opportunity. I like the concept a lot, but the execution is nowhere near the expectations. Nudity wise, only one guy is half naked.

  2. Adonis Memories, the “immersive play” (“play” is debatable) performing at the venue, Paddles, is the most poorly conceived idea since Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted the Oscars.

    AM’s concept was great – a play about gay sex set in a public venue, PERFORMED AT a public gay sex venue — the sky’s the limit, no restraints, right? One would think. Unfortunately I bought my ticket BEFORE Kevin posted his comment above, although I’m still grateful he did post, or I might have hung out for the entire TWO hours waiting for this dreck to “kick in.”

    Now, I’ve been to Paddles before. It’s one of the few gay sex clubs left in New York City. It can be great dirty fun. They have themed gay nights — bondage, spanking, etc. All the men there are naked — fully naked, except for shoes. There’s no women and no attitude. There’s real fucking and sucking and/or whatever one can imagine.

    However, this “play” or performance “art” or whatever this Adonis Memories is supposed to be, is child’s play, pretending to be an authentic experience. First of all everyone is fully clothed (as Kevin mentioned above). It starts with some terrible “actor” giving a wretched monologue that read like a cheesy diary entry and was delivered like a badly performed Shakespearean soliloquy. And did I mention? He was fully clothed. Meanwhile other guys were kissing in corners and moaning loud fake orgasms. And these kissing, moaning guys were also, fully clothed. As you walked around the venue, “actors” were everywhere whispering and giving fake orgasms to the zipped-up flies of other “actors.” Actually it was difficult to tell who were actors and who were audience members because everyone was — you guessed it — fully clothed. Oh, and there were women manning the door and coat check, etc. There would never be women at a gay sex venue — which these folks thought they were so painstakingly recreating.

    To reiterate what Kevin said above, this was a missed opportunity — with a capital M. The biggest and most tragic missed opportunity since the 2016 presidential election. Why do this shit show at Paddles? They could have done this at an elementary school. At Paddles, the actors could have not only been naked, they could have actually been sucking and fucking. Christ, they could have welcomed the audience to check their OWN clothes if they wanted. Even Pied Pipers of East Village had an erect penis on stage in legit theater. Why was this so PG when it went out of its way to stage at a legit sex venue?

    I left after 15 minutes. I assume it didn’t change much (thankfully forewarned by Kevin’s review). And to answer my own question above about what “audience participation” is – the actors talk to you. We were repeatedly told not to touch the actors and they won’t touch you, sure, I get it, okay, they’re actors, but, why bother at this venue? And who cares if an actor asks you, “how you doin?”

    DO NOT waste $30 on this artless, sexless, nonsense posing as an authentic experience. I haven’t regretted spending money on a theater ticket this much since the movie remake of Carrie. Thanks for listening, boys !!

    1. I wish you hadn’t of left early…though most of the actors kept themselves fully clothed, one of them delivers a story at the end standing on a table near the bar. As he tells his story, he strips off each piece of his clothing until he is full naked. He speaks for a couple of minutes fully nude before pulling up his pants.

      The actor, a cute twink, is the only one to get fully nude though I swear one of the actors pulled out his cock during one of the sex scenes (it was hard to tell).

      Not sure it is worth it for 30 bucks but I kind of liked the show. It was different though a little short (only 40 minutes or so).

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