The Battles



From the website:

In Florence, Italy, circa 1500 A.D., Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, the two greatest artists of their day and the two greatest rivals in the history of art, engage in a head-to-head painting competition, battling not only each other, but their own doubts and demons.

Based on actual events, The Battles is the story of the struggle between the courage to love and the retreat into fear. Its a story of fighting against both the walls we erect as a society and the walls we build around our own hearts walls that keep us from all we can be. Its a battle that continues to this day.




  1. I saw a casting notice that said one of the roles doubles as the statue of David which we all know is sans clothes. Plus the show seems to be about the rivalry between two gay Renaissance artists so it should be gay friendly at the very least. However, the casting notice is no guarantee the nudity will be kept in the final performances. Until it debuts we will not know for sure.

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