Six Degrees of Separation


I love this play! John Guare’s brilliant play, Six Degrees of Separation is coming to Broadway again this April for a limited 15-week run with the awesome Allison Janney and the sexy John Benjamin Hickey in the leads.

Let’s NOT forget the hot scene where a FULLY NAKED HUSTLER runs around a lit stage for several minutes after they find him in bed with the lead character.


  1. Im seeing this friday but friend just saw it and says the nudity is intact (about 2 minutes) any seat is good. More in a few days

  2. The hustler, played by James Cusati-Moyer, appears about 1/3 of the way into the play – the scene lasts about 1 minute.. he has a twinky body and is trimmed and cut (pretty sure-he was moving around quite a bit and did not stop long enough to get a good look). I was sitting in the front mezzanine, so I think the closer in the orchestra the better. Overall I did enjoy the play though.

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