The November election and some family issues took me out of commission, but finally I’m slowly re-emerging. And what a nice way to start 2017 and see Glenn Close reprise her role as Norma Desmond in SUNSET BLVD. It is more than 20 years since Glenn Close first starred in this Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical.

As expected Close delivered a terrific performance playing a looney but at the same time capturing the audience empathy.  Michael Xavier as Joe is very charming. And what a pleasant surprise to see him in swimming trunks at the top of Act 2. He has such a great body and the trunks is very tight we can see a visible penis line, and I can say he leans to the left. What a sexy man!


NUDITY RATING: 1 (Michael Xavier in tight hugging trunks is worth it)


  1. The only real male nudity in a real play in a long, long time is Dan Domingues in The Mother of Invention, at Abington Theatre through Feb. 26. He’s thirtyish, gym body, cut (to my eyes) & semi-shaved. An hour in to the 100-minute play, he takes off his T shirt, his jeans & his boxer shorts, in that order, to give “all” of himself to a woman, until her brother walks in unexpectedly; as is normal these days, the sight of a penis is supposed to be screamingly funny. He’s naked for only about 5 seconds. Sit on the LEFT side of the house, center right might be ok, but far right fuhgettaboutit. Discount code: mother35.

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