The Amoralists’ THE NIBBLER

From the moderator:

We haven’t heard much from THE AMORALISTS since one of it’s founding member Derek Ahonen bolted out of the group.  Nice to hear they are back. Here’s hoping they will continue their fearless scenes of male nudity. 

From the press release:

The Amoralists, with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater 224 Waverly Place
World premiere of dark comedy by Ken Urban, directed by Benjamin Kamine.

From 2/23/17; opening 2/27/17; closing 3/18/17.

what it’s about: In the summer of 1992 in Medford, New Jersey, Adam and his gang of friends face life after high school. But when the fivesome encounter a mysterious visitor from another world, their lives are forever changed.

Cast: James Kautz, Elizabeth Lail, Matthew Lawler, Spencer Davis Milford, Rachel Franco and Sean Patrick Monahan. The show contains nudity. Running time is approximately 90 minutes.



  1. The Amoralistis + Ken Urban + Rattlestick Theater should hopefully equal great male nudity! Between the three they gave us The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side, The Happy Sad, The Correspondent, The Twentieth Century Way and Slipping, all candidates for amazing on stage nudity.

  2. Hello folks… This play is a hot mess. The writing, directing, acting, singing (yes there’s a weird song at the end) … all pretty sad. I won’t bore you with the details of the play itself…

    As for the nudity, in order:

    — Spencer Milford, a cute smooth redhead strips down to his boxers. (Too bad they didn’t come off)
    — Matthew Lawler, the “older” character is naked. Upstage and darkly lit. He gets up after sex. We can see everything, very briefly, but not necessarily the character we want to see naked. (Sorry Matt)
    — Rachel Franco, the girl Matthew has sex with. Same as above. Gets up after sex, upstage, dark, brief… and a girl.
    — Sean Monahan, cute, tall, skinny twink. While seducing James Kautz he takes off his shirt, pulls down pants, then pulls down underwear. Stands full frontal (but sideways) for about 30-45 seconds on fairly well lit stage. (Sit center or audience right for best view) He goes to James to give him a blow job. With his ass to audience he pulls down James’s pants…
    — James Kautz’s pants are pulled down by Sean, then underwear, then Sean “blows” him. Can’t see much at all, except Sean’s bare ass. Then Sean leaves stage and James stands up. Can see his dick for a second hanging below his shirt before he pulls up underwear. His dick may not always be visible, since his shirt is really long, and seriously, for a split second.

    Rating 4: I guess a 5 if you count Sean’s near-minute moment, but not worth sitting through this bad play for a few fleeting glimpses. Just my opinion. Others may love the play and/or the dick. Hope this was helpful. Until next time…

  3. I sadly concur with Donovan (Was that you sitting next to me, bitch? say “Hello!”).
    Let’s face it: The promise was too great; The Amoralists, the Rattlestick and Ken Urban’s The Happy/Sad have contributed about half the male nudity in New York theater worth looking at over the last 15 years, and Take Me Out has provided the other half. It was too much to expect they’d reach some new, collective vision of the presentation of the penis. But we live in hope, and with Trump. that’s all we have. So let’s use it, push it, press it, make it matter again. First off: Bring on the dick!!! Douse our enemies with damp, furry tea bags. Imagine Jeff Sessions’ withered, pale member, itching for sadistic revenge against larger, younger, darker forces that turn to screw his pink cherry into a bloody plea for mercy. Fortune and Men’s Eyes meets the Tea Party? Why not? Steve Bannon set upon by Russian trans squads that stretch both the oral & anal holes of his ideology with caviar-slicked butt plugs? It’s only the start. Once we the rediscover the force of the penis and the feigned innocence of the resistance can we push Paul Ryan and his border-charging horse into a shower that will fuse Equus & Take Me Out into a homoerotic spectacle that would make Abe Lincoln cum. The theater can do this. So let’s start. It’s time to bring the penis to the Apocalypse. Now.

  4. In the back?? There were seven empty seats in the front row, which only holds 10. Please lend me your glasses sometime.

      1. According to the Broadway world message boards, the nudity in How to Trascend a Happy Marriage is female nudity. Oh well…9 Circles sounds promising though.

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