Loose Ends



From the press release:

Loose Ends

by Michael Weller, Directed by Terry Schreiber

In 2017 we find ourselves struggling with the same questions we had nearly forty years ago. Join us for our production of this 1970’s play which presents a young couple struggling with their conflicting opinions on the importance of having a career versus having a family. Asking the questions: “Am I enough?” “Where do we go from here?” and “How do we define success?” There has never been a more relevant moment in the present to explore our past.


From the moderator:

Michael Weller’s script calls for nudity, Paul’s character is naked in a scene.  I wonder if T Schreiber will stick to the script. I have a feeling they will. They have never shied away from showing male nudity in their previous productions. 

Loren Bidner will be playing Paul.



  1. Sorry, don’t know yet how to share on WordPress site. Saw this last summer and I really liked it.   Usually 3 guys and 3 women.  Closest thing to Naked Holidays. The Naked Show ($20 Pre Sale, $30 At Door) – The Creek and The Cave

    | | | | | |


    | | | | The Naked Show ($20 Pre Sale, $30 At Door) – The Creek and The Cave The Naked Show ($20 Pre Sale, $30 At Door) From $20.00March 31st 11:59 PM Featured Shows Stand-Up The Naked Show… | |



    Small venue and the audience can get naked, too!  Didn’t have the nerve, but would if some of my fellow “Male Nudity on the New York Stage” whores would join me…..

    1. Fipines go to ur WordPress.com account and choose this blog and it should give you a choice to add a blog post

  2. Only 2 more performances but there is very very very brief nudity in the beginning, mainly butt.. If you are lucky and sitting in audience left you may catch a millisecond glimpse (I didnt see anything but was sitting in the center)

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