Puppetry of the Penis-Australia 2017

Puppetry of the Penis is still making the rounds, this time they are back in Australia.

RichBinning who did the NY show few years back is still on the show with the his new partner Barry Brisco.

Here they are promoting their show in a radio segment in Australia.


  1. Has anyone heard anything about Entertaining Mr. Sloan? Just read about a production in NYC and curious if there is any nudity.

  2. I went to the Vegas show this weekend. There are two new guys who do the puppets. They are pretty good and hot. It was fun to go to a show where you stare at dicks the whole time! The craziest part was they invited any men in the audience to come up and do a trick with them. I had made friends with the ladies in my row so I found myself raising my hand. They called me up on stage and another guy joined me. I looked out to the crowd and saw all eyes on me. For a moment I thought I had made a mistake. The hosts told me to turn around and face the back. “Drop them” he said. I realized he was talking about my shorts so I pulled them and my underwear down to my ankles. The host told me to start grabbing and contorting my balls to make a “hamburger”. My t shirt was pretty long and getting in my way so I pulled it over my head. Only later did I realize that my ass was now fully exposed to the audience. Them we made the hamburger and the host had us turn around. So I did and showed the crowd my burger. The audience howled! “Thanks guys, your done “ the host told us. I let my hand go to pull up my pants as the guy next to me spun around to tuck his dick back in. He didn’t even pull his pants down. I awkwardly pulled my pants up and left the stage. I had been full frontal for at least 5 seconds. Crazy!

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