Julius Caesar

From Public Theater:  Julius Caesar contains the use of violence, nudity, live gunshot sounds, strobe, herbal cigarettes, haze, and fog.

From the reviews, it seems that Caesar, played by Gregg Henry, steps naked from a bathtub. Apparently, he looks like Donald Trump, with his fluffy hair, dark suit and tie hanging below the belt and he even has a wife with a Slavic accent.

julius-ceasar-2-0605And at the start of the third act, the actor playing Julius Caesar in New York City’s free summer Shakespeare in the Park festival is knifed to death on stage, blood staining his white shirt.

“Julius Caesar” tells a fictionalized story of a powerful, popular Roman leader who is assassinated by senators who fear he is becoming a tyrant.


The production runs through June 18.

Tickets are free unless you make a donation of at least $500.


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  1. Would love to see this, but simply can’t stand in line for hours dodging mosquitoes & tourists. Instead, I headed over to City Opera for Angels in America, a 2-hour distillation of the 7-hour play that warns of nudity, but has little. The original Angels has three instances of male nudity — Prior’s physical exam, Louis getting fucked in the park & Joe stripping at the beach — none of which appear in the operatic Angels. Instead, there’s Prior’s butt at the end of Act II, and about 15 minutes into Act II, a dimly lit Joe & Louis enter & get into bed — two seconds tops, and you gotta be looking at the right side of the stage to get that. Not worth the trip, tho if you insist: June 12, 14 & 16.

    Especially disappointing since Bill Heck in Signature’s 2010 Angels is one of my Top 5 male-nudity-in-new-york-theater scenes of all time. Added bonus: Christian Borle as Prior and both Zachary Quinto & Adam Driver (the latter taking over from the former) as Louis (Michael Urie took over for Borle). And there was a great understudy — Eric Bryant — prepped to go on in ALL THREE parts, and got to on in two (the one he didn’t: Joe, because Heck just didn’t miss). I saw all of them at a variety of performances — Heck, Borle, Quinto, Driver, Urie & Bryant (as Prior) — and they’re what I was thinking of during the operatic version of Angels in America.

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