Gregg Henry NUDE

Big Daddy Gregg Henry is the latest stud to skin for the stage, and I had to appreciate a mature dude like Gregg showing the goods in the title role of JULIUS CAESAR.

The air was quite cool last night and he was getting out of a tub, so I’m going to assume Gregg’s more of a grower. Nevertheless, he had every reason to proudly step out of the tub and show off his dagger: he has a very nice cock and full nut sac, and a brawny, hairy chest. Gregg really put the Dick in Dictator! Hail, Caesar! I wouldn’t mind being stabbed by Gregg’s deadly weapon. Included here are pics of a younger Gregg, demonstrating that before he was a perfect DILF he was a hot-as-fuck leading man.

Side note: there were a couple lame-ass protesters who stopped the show with their shenanigans. They were quickly escorted out–good riddance.

Nudity Rating: a perfect 5.

G Henry.png



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