I have been reviewing male nudity in theater for quite a while now and I must say, the amount of nudity in Midnight Theatricals’ AFTERGLOW is unprecedented! So AFTERGLOW deserves it’s own full review.

This exploration of the modern gay couple flirting with open marriage, since it’s now legal, is not entirely new plot but for a gay play, it definitely was not explored before.

Josh (Brandon Haagenson) and Alex ( Robbie Simpson) are gay couple in their fifth year together.  They are married in a completely open relationship and expecting parents of a surrogate child. Problem starts when they bring in a third, Darius (Patrick Reilly)  and Josh and Darius fell in love.


The set is inventive and minimalist (which include a working shower) designed by Ann Beyersdorfer, creative lighting by Jamie Roderick  and solid sound design by Alex Dietz-Kest which works well in an intimate blackbox stage.  All 3 actors acted very well, and are all nice eye candies, although, it just made me think…the play is set in New York City, it would have added a different dynamic if the casting was more diverse…The three actors are impressive though, turning the material into something more special. Their chemistry is great.


This show gets a perfect 5 for male nudity! All three actors gets fully nude multiple times during the play in a well lit stage and for longer than 5 minutes a a time. There is no bad seating in the theater. You can see every nook and crannies of their bodies in full display.  The cast should be commended. They have no problem taking their clothes off time and time again.  Brandon has a very lean body, cut, low hanging balls, nice ass. And on stage, anything can happen, I got lucky because there was a scene in second act that his cock was half mast! Very impressive cock! Robbie has a nice sexy boy, nice and, cut cock, low hanging balls too, trimmed pubes and very nice legs. There was a scene where he was in his underwear when he entered the stage and he started to get dressed, his legs just looks amazing. And Patrick is your twink type body, he also has a long cut cock and shaved  balls, trimmed pubes and nice ass.

And again, I’ll say this, I haven’t seen this much of male nudity on stage. So friends, you must support this play if you are in NYC!  It even beats TAKE ME OUT by Richard Greenberg in my opinion in terms of nudity.

NUDITY RATING: A perfect 5 ( the most male nudity onstage I have seen so far!!!)

The play runs until August 5, 2017

SYNOPSIS: Josh and Alex, a married couple in an open relationship, invite Darius to share their bed one night. When a new intimate connection begins to form, all three men must come to terms with their individual definitions of love, loyalty, and trust as futures are questioned, relationships are shaken, and commitments are challenged.

A Midnight Theatricals Production

Directed by S. Asher Gelman

Starring: Brandon Haagenson, Patrick Reilly, and Robbie Simpson

Scenic design by Ann Beyersdorfer
Costume design by Fabian Aguilar
Lighting design by Jamie Roderick
Sound design by Alex Dietz-Kest
Dramaturgy by Mike Ross

Show Times: Monday – Wednesday @7:30pm, Thursday and Friday @8pm, Saturday @2pm and 8pm

Tickets from $65


  1. Unfortunately will not be able to see until the end of the month. Getting a chubby just reading these posts!

  2. I agree with much of what has been said, but a word about the seating: The Telecharge seating chart, where it has the stage at the bottom of the page, should show the stage in the middle of the page, between two blocks of seats that face each other. There are four rows of even-numbered seats near the entrance door and four rows of odd-numbered seats on the opposite side of the stage. On both sides, row A is in the front row, no matter what the online seating chart indicates.

    As for the semi-erect scene, it is obviously part of the play & not an accident. The actor, naked & sitting with his genitals not visible from any seat on either side of the house, is given ample time to work himself up (mentally) in order to show us (physically), later in the scene, that he is still turned on by his husband, whom he climbs on top of & tries to make love to. I would like to stick that hardon to the person who designed the seating chart for this theater.

    In any event, I couldn’t help but think how all three actors suggest other stars, both current & ancient. Brandon Haagenson is a Jude Law ringer, with a hint of Aldo Ray from The Marrying Kind. Robbie Simpson (my favorite, erotically speaking) reminds me of the young Fred MacMurray, circa 1935, not the hangdog My Three Sons one. And Patrick Reilly is totally Helen Gurley Brown playing Harold — Leonard Frey — in The Boys in the Band.

    Even three stunning penises couldn’t take my mind off such trivialities.

    1. I agree Brandon could be Jude Law’s brother. Robbie actually could be Robbie Mook’s brother

  3. ooooo, wouldn’t it have been nice to spend the next four years looking at Robbie Mook instead of ….well, pick your poison.

  4. Say: Anybody hear about the all-male, all-nude Hamlet at a Brooklyn Park in August. Free tickets & 3 performances, all starting at 5 pm. Please tell me there places to sit down that resemble chairs.

    1. From the Torn Out Theater web site (
      Note: there are no tickets for Hamlet. All seats are first-come, first-served. Limited bench seating is available, as well as plenty of ground seating. Audience members are welcome to bring a camp chair or picnic blanket.

    1. Can’t wait to see it – just hope nothing happens between now and then to cancel it (though as the article points out public nudity in NY is legal during a performance)

  5. Saw this last night. While the dick was magnificent – the feet were something else. This old toe queen almost died as most of these hunks were barefoot during most of the play. Alex had damn near perfect feet and kept curling his toes when sitting!!! Yum!

  6. Excellent production. However, I didn’t find the nudity “unprecedented”. The sexuality was certainly, for me at least, unprecedented but the amount of nudity in the original New York production of “Take Me Out”, although far less sexually charged, exceeded that of “Afterglow”. Hoping to catch another performance (from a different vantage point) before the show closes.

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