Nude production of HAMLET

Torn Out Theater will present an all-male, nude Hamlet in August.
Hamlet will “turn its eye to the fraught, complex world of male body image,” and question “how the male body is perceived in America today,” the theater company’s website states.

Torn Out Theater produces projects that “push the boundaries of how we see the human body and what we assume about modern sexuality.”
The company takes classics and creates unique experiences for audiences—to raise questions about society and “navigate a culture where private and public blur together, where the shocking and common trade places, and where magic is real.”
Following Torn Out’s production of The Tempest last year, debates were sparked about nudity and society’s attitudes toward male and female bodies—inspiring Torn Out to give the guys a chance to bare all for the sake of art this summer.

Jake Austin Robertson, a 2015 Princeton grad from Illinois who lives in Manhattan will star as Hamlet. 


Presented by Torn Out Theater

Prospect Park, The Music Pagoda

Thursday – Saturday, August 10, 11, 12 at 5:30pm

Sunday, August 13 at 2pm



  1. The website for the show now has some photos of the cast from rehearsal. Apparently they start off fully in costume and then slowly strip off their clothes during the show.

  2. The show is coming to CENTRAL PARK. According to the company website:

    September 7 and 8 at 5:00pm

    King Jagiello Statue in Central Park

    There is a link to a map at the website that I can’t seem to link to here.

  3. Very enjoyable. show. Hamlet is the 2nd to get naked about 45 minutes in and stays naked then entire show. He is small to average but hot beefy body. Other actors (not all) get naked here and there. All but one are small to average but most have great bodies. Quite a bit of in your face penis. It would be worth seeing without the nudity, but great with it. Runs 2.5 hours with 1 intermission. I give it a 5.

    1. I agree, great show and great nudity! Hamlet was great and fearless in his Nudity and pretty darn cute! Over an hour and a half of him running around nude, with nude actors frequently surrounding him (the actors playing the Ghost, Horatio, and the three supporting players all have substantial nude scenes and run the gauntlet from twinkish to chubby. It was nice to see some variety). The two actors playing Orphelia and Laertes get nude during their major scenes only but still lengthy nudity by both (Laertes also is nude during the curtain call). They are both pretty darn attractive as well. (The only disappointment was that the two actors playing Rosencrantz and Guilderstern did not fully disrobe but it makes sense from an artistic sense. The nudity in the play wasn’t just random and worked quite nicely within the framework of the play)

      Note about seating: for 5 bucks you can rent a folding chair and they appeared to have a lot of them. Try to get there at least half hour early for close seats though the space is big enough for a large crowd so most areas have a good site line. Avoid sitting directly behind one of the two big trees in front though – some of the action gets blocked)

      Definitely a 5 out of 5! See it while you can!

  4. Hark! I agree, my fellow voyeurs! Despite the trek, the heat, the bugs, the difficulty in finding the damned place and the forecast of rain for Friday and especially Saturday, this Hamlet is a unique experience that’s worth the trip. Jake Austin Robertson wins the Nudity Bravery Award of All Time — naked for two hours and still expected the meet the physical & emotional demands of an Olympian part, not to mention risking West Nile virus & lyme disease with every step. I am happy that of the half-dozen other actors who appear nude, not all of them look like movie stars with porn-star dicks, though that didn’t stop me from falling in love from afar with the beautiful, young, black Laertes (Mike Press), who unfortunately didn’t get naked until it was dusk so I couldn’t tell whether he was cut or uncut. Next time, “opera glasses” — or let’s be frank: Binoculars. And thank God for those folding chairs — I would’ve paid 10 times the price (a foolproof way to raise funds). I look forward to the two performances scheduled next month in Central Park, which at the very least will save me the train-to-Brooklyn-where-the-fuck-am-I-in-Prospect-Park ordeal, which left me feeling — and looking — like Poor Yorick.

  5. I agree, Prospect Park, though the MTA site recommended the next stop, which was my first mistake. The Torn Out website has the right directions.

  6. The lead, is cut and minimally trimmed, horatio, and the ghost are not, laertes cut, trimmed (but it was getting dark and hard to see), bernardo and voltemand cut untrimmed, and gravedigger cut trimmed

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