Nude Hamlet

Torn Out Theater’s all male production of HAMLET rightly deserves a separate review from this site. 

To date we currently have 2 plays in New York with ample scenes of male nudity. First is AFTERGLOW and now HAMLET. Kudos to the production team because they have seamlessly incorporated nudity in this most famous Shakespeare play and it made sense.

Jake Austin Robertson as Hamlet reminds me of a young Malcolm McDowell . He is the lead and also is the strongest actor among the cast members. He has such a nice body, circumcised cock, untrimmed pubic hair (love it) big ass and nice thick legs. 

The rest of the cast who went all nude include:  There’s a variety of body types for everyone 

Mike Press (Laertes) – has six pack abs, circumcised, trimmed pubes

Robert Aloi (Ghost) – burly guy, hairy bod, uncut, trimmed pubes

Giordano Cruz (Horatio) – for chubby chasers, uncut cock

Doug Smith (gravedigger) – has a nice long hair, cut, trimmed pubes

Marcus Stewart (Ophelia) big ass big cut cock

Miles Butler (Volternand) twink, untrimmed, cut maybe


Hamlet gets an extension! Manhattan is next! 

They are bringing the show to Central Park! Mark your calendar for September 7 and 8 at 5 pm,  at the King Jagiello Statue.


  1. Yeah, I see Malcolm McDowell, also Mandy Patinkin in Yentl, & not just because of the skinny-dipping-in-the-woods-scene, but the hyper-intensity & cascading emotions, like if he doesn’t get the words out he’s gonna bust. And yes, it’s the strongest performance, to the point where it’s hard to imagine the production without him. I mean, how many actors could OWN a naked Hamlet?

  2. Haskell King could pull it off–so to speak. I remember his manic energy in a Florida production of Take Me Out. Perfect for Hamlet. And he certainly has the dick for it!

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