Pics from Torn Out Theater’s HAMLET

I was shocked and at the same time happy to see photos from this production. 

Now we can ogle Jake Austin Robertson’s nakedness for a long time.

I was actually very surprised that the producers allowed to post these pics.

But hey I’m not complaining 

Here they are: 


  1. Went back to Afterglow mainly for a second look at Robbie Simpson — and guess what? He’s not in it anymore! Been replaced by Joe Chisholm, who looks a bit like Greg from The Brady Bunch (Brandon Haagenson & Patrick Reilly are still in, though the new understudy for all three parts, Taylor Wright, gets a program insert, so he might go on; don’t know if the previous u/s, Matt Alford, ever did). Anyway, the cast change is the least of the shockers: The show now has no intermission — and no warning that it has been removed. Good luck, bladder-problem people, whose programs still read: “There will one 10-minute intermission.” Were frequent visitors and/or Simpson watchers leaving halfway through? Ya got me. More eye-opening still: The semi-hardon scene is GONE — Haagenson now puts on his underpants before climbing on top of hubby. Was the pressure of a nightly woody too great? Who knows? I’m just glad I caught this show early in its run. Beware the boast in theater ads: “This show has been extended.”

    1. I went back to see the show on what was apparently Simpson’s last day. I was surprised by the lack of intermission but even more surprised to see how much of the play was retooled. The plot and most scenes are still the same but there was a lot of lines cut as well as minor plot points like the flighty assistant and Titania the house plant. Additionally two scenes were cut and merged with other scenes and one major plot point was introduced that kind of changed some of the “gray” of the conflict to more “black and white”, at least to me (Don’t want to spoil too much). The nudity is still all intact though I noticed the first 20 seconds or so of the first nude scene were trimmed off (still an ample amount of nudity for the scene). The second act nude scene is different though I feel we now see more. I have a feeling the semi many saw during the first few weeks was maybe unintentional. Not sure why changes were made or so much of the play reworked, especially this far into the run. Still, a nice way to spend the evening.

  2. Wow, Calvin, what an astute observer of this play you are. I nominate you to write the forward for the published version.

    1. Lol, for some reason I have good attention to detail with movies, plays and tv shows. I had to stop watching Friends and Seinfeld in syndication because they cut so much to cram in more commercials and I would be like “but they cut Joey’s line about pie”.

  3. Haha. Well, when you’re through writing that forward to Afterglow, pitch Time Warner on a TV-rerun version of Turner Classic Movies — no cuts, no commercials & hosted by a fan with an elephant’s memory. And just for you: I’ll only take 10 percent.

  4. oh, sorry, mab2574, just saw your question — and my answer is, WELL: The producers/casting folks/whoever went after a physical type that would correspond to Simpson’s: A bit beefy, dark-haired, quietly handsome (whatever that means), and they succeeded: Chisholm could be Simpson’s cousin, but not a very close one, and perhaps even one by marriage. My bottom line: All new actors deserve to be seen, especially if they’re naked, but don’t expect a new love to replace an old love, which is pretty much what Afterglow is about.

  5. I saw it twice as well, but saw Robbie Simpson both times and there was still an intermission. But I did think the opening scene had been cut. I’m glad the show has been such a success so hopefully there will be more like it in the future – serious themed, professional shows with major male nudity. I’m not sure how often it occurs but kudos to the entire team for continuing to work on the play even after it opened, cutting, tightening etc…I’m sure it’s for the future productions in other cities that are undoubtedly being planned.

  6. Get thee to this play tomorrow! Saw this evening. Perfect NYC pre-fall day with a stiff breeze – and a tad chilly. Gotta give those guys credit for not flinching! Aside from the generous dick, this is a really good well acted play. I was actually caught up more in the play than the nudity. I must admit, however, I got a little chubby during the gladiator style fight – which was very well done. I REALLY liked the different body types and “non porn star” cocks. People, especially other men, need to be reminded that not all guys are well hung. Central Park venue was excellent and there were probably about 100 viewers. GO!

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