Afterglow Extension and Almodovar Second Chance

Just some updates about current shows with nudity:

This is old news at this point but just a reminder that Afterglow has extended to November 19th (it was originally due to end some time in July).  If you have not seen this nudity Hall of Fame play yet, definitely check it out!  For those who has seen it, check out the new cast member Joe Chisholm who replaced Robbie Simpson (though I have seen on social media that Robbie might be coming back for a few shows – not sure when).




Additionally, for those who might have missed the brief run of Almodovar Dystopia, there is going to be an encore performance Saturday, October 7th at 10 PM.  You should definitely check it out; it is bizarre, incoherent, vulgar and crude – but I really enjoyed myself!  It is dance/performance art so take it with a grain of salt.  The nudity is a 10!  All four male dancers are nude throughout (20 minutes in they put on some clothing but it only covers their top half – their dicks fly free for the entire program).  Additionally, the DJ and the Videographer also are nude throughout – you get a nice variety among the six men.




    1. Sorry, saw the message too late about seating. Honestly, I don’t think there is a bad seat. The performers more around the entire show and even the seats in the second tier are close enough to see everything.

    1. JOE CHISHOLM (Alex)
      Joe had the biggest penis of all the cast. Girthy cut cock with a big cockhead. Big bush of dark pubes surrounding his cock and full balls. At one point in the show he was wearing light green boxer shorts – and his cockhead was clearly outlined hanging to his right. When he showered his cock and balls remained full of life so to speak. Impressive unit.

      TIM YOUNG (u/s Josh, Darius, Alex)
      He played Josh at our performance. He had the best body of all of them and not afraid to show it. Rolling around on the bed, showing his lightly furry bubble butt and even his asshole at times. He had the smallest dick of all the guys – average. Loosely circumcised cock. When he was showering, his penis started to get shrinkage and his residual foreskin started to cover his cockhead.

      DAVID MERTEN (Darius)

      He played the “twink” role in the show. Skinny body. Practically hairless. His penis actually reminded me of a boy penis – not fully matured which was a bit icky. Circumcised skinny penis with a light pink cockhead. Small tuft of dark pubes.

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