Oedipus El Rey

The Public Theater presents 

Thanks to our reader too cool for the tip.

Juan Castano a super hot upcoming Latino actor is playing Oedipus. Oedipus’ role calls for nudity. Hopefully there will be full frontal.


Shiva Theater

October 3 – December 3

OEDIPUS EL REY runs 1 hour and 40 minutes with no intermission,

Please note: this performance contains smoking, blood, violence, recorded gun shots, and nudity. 


Preview Members (10/3 – 10/25): start at $35

Preview Members (All other dates): start at $60

Members: start at $35

Non-Member Tickets: start at $60 plus fees


Set in South Central LA, OEDIPUS EL REY is an electrifying new take on the Greek tragedy, written by acclaimed playwright Luis Alfaro (Electricidad, Straight as a Line).

Oedipus is reimagined as a troubled Latino whose dreams of controlling his own destiny soar above the barbed wire of the prison where he’s spent his life.  But in a place where everyone is trapped—by desperation or fate, history or violence—no one man can change his story alone.  Love, family and belief collide in this chilling, incredibly powerful new play that asks: what’s fate, and what’s just the system?


  1. On Show Score.com, there are a bunch of user reviews and the majority mention the show has nudity or extended full nudity. None of them mention who goes nude though.

  2. I sat center of the 4th row so I got a great view. He grew as the sex scene went on, I wouldnt say he got fully hard but was clearly more than half hard, then as they talked after it went back down before they got dressed. But the show is actually really cool and would be worth seeing even if he didnt get naked. The audience is swooning at him shirtless!

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