Oedipus El Rey

Luis Alfaro’s Oedipus El Rey at the Public Theater is a contemporary adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy, Alfaro re-imagines the Greek hero as an ill-fated Latino man living in South Central Los Angeles. He used this to show us the ugly cycle of routine incarceration and gang violence in the Chicano neighborhoods.

Alfaro’s play of words is amazing.  There’s a nice rhythm to it all throughout the play.

And what a wonderful sight in New York Stage!

For the second time this year, there is an erect cock on stage!

It rivals the hard on in AFTERGLOW.


Juan Castano as Oedipus has a lengthy nude scene with Sandra Delgado as Jocasta his mother.  He has well hung uncut cock , it is thick and nice set of low hanging balls, and trimmed pubes.  He has zero percent body fat.  He looks way better naked that with his shirt on). I was in awe staring at his hard on. It looks lovely and delicious.

Seats on audience left side is the only way to see his cock.  Maybe 3rd row or 4th row will be better. If you are on the first 2 rows Juan’s cock is covered by his legs but since it is stadium seating the 3rd or 4th row , you might be able to see his cock longer.

Performances of Oedipus El Rey, directed by Chay Yew, began October 3 and are scheduled to play through December 3.

Oedipus El Rey stars Juan Castano as Oedipus, alongside a cast made up of Sandra Delgado as Jocasta; Julio Monge as Tiresias, Coro; Joel Perez as Creon, Coro; Brian Quijada as Coro; Reza Salazar as Coro; and Juan Francisco Villa as Laius, Coro.

NUDITY RATING: 5 (Juan Caetano’s hard cock on stage)



  1. Definitely not a miss. I think you can be in the first 6 seats from the audience left and still get a good view. They turn the lights down but you still get a great view (which is best when he is standing) then when lying on his back *only semi). When sitting up and talking you don’t get a great view due to lighting and arms in the way — maybe if you sit up higher above 4th row you may see better but you are farther away. I thought it was a great modern day interpretation of the play.

  2. Got a chance to see this the other evening. Juan is stunning. He has a very defined upper body, meaty ass, and the most impressive cock I’ve ever seen on stage. Uncut, long, and very thick, with trimmed pubes. m_lo I don’t think we saw the same performance, because in the one I saw Juan was almost fully hard with his foreskin pulled back to expose the head. I don’t think it’s intentional. There was a point where after having stage sex he and the actress playing Jocasta are laying on their backs, and you could see his cock throbbing with his heartbeat, it took my breath away.

  3. “…his cock throbbing with his heartbeat, it took my breath away.” Thanks, bbopti. I always appreciate descriptive writing–and enthusiasm, like welq. We’re a private club here and we have to revel in our enjoyment of these nude actors, and nothing is better than when every inch of their exposure is described lovingly and accurately.

  4. Welq, O Wise One, you said–I think it was with some comments on the nudity in PUCKER UP AND BLOW–that a new “judgmentalism” (for lack of a better word) was creeping over and the particular interest we all share on this site–simple! naked actors!–was being demonized. I definitely think Daniel Reitz, the playwright of PUCKER UP, was making a strong statement condemning actors’ exploitation, clearly pointing the finger at Thomas Bradshaw. Is Reitz our enemy? I personally am unashamed to say I enjoy explicit descriptions of these objectified actors, and love seeing actual pictures or better yet, forbidden videos. Daniel Talbott is particularly genius in objectifying his actors. What are your thoughts? You must be heartened that there’s more explicit nudity than ever, with Haskell King and Matthew Pilieci starting the hard-on trend, and here we have several erect actors on legit stages this year.

  5. so sorry, garytier, have been out of town for several weeks & though I had internet access I couldn’t remember my wordpress password & don’t have a facebook to sign in with! Mark Zuckerberg I’m not. Will get a ticket in the “sweet spot” ASAP & report almost as soon. The testimony so far has been tantalizing. Do you have a favorite seat? Will think of you while renting it.

  6. Finally saw this & it’s funny that no matter how testimonies or eyewitness accounts that appear on this page there’s always something surprising when you see the show yourself. I just assumed that since Juan Castano sports a hardon during/before/after lovemaking that the scene would start with him nude & already hard. But no, there’s a slow strip from a standing position — t-shirt, jeans, boxer briefs — followed by his straddling his leading lady, entering her (simulated) & then pulling out to lie on his back (briefly) before sitting up to talk. He was half-hard when he took off his underpants, three-quarters of the way there when he fucks her & pretty much all there by the time he lies back. This has be a theatrical first. How does Castano do it? I’ve seen prosthetic penises onstage that are less responsive. And it’s best to sit in the front row (left) because, in a bit of re-staging perhaps, the long dialogue scene is now conducted with his right hand holding her right hand & both hands clasped firmly over his crotch, thwarting 3rd & 4th row peter peepers. And if you have a right-side seat, don’t despair: You’ll miss the frontal strip (butt only), but you should still get the money shot when he lies on his back: the still-throbbing member with the fully retracted foreskin. That, thankfully, was not missing in the many testimonials to this must-see.

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