Ivo Van Hove’s Fountainhead

Ivo van Hove‘s production of The Fountainhead makes its US Premiere at BAM’s Howard Gilman Opera House,  November 28, through December 2, 2017.

I have been searching for reviews and press release and only very few have mentioned any nudity.

The clearest description was from a blog in Israel : 

“Roark and Dominique (played by Halina Reijn, one of best-known, most popular and most-appreciated actresses of Dutch theater) develop a lust-fueled, animalistic, destructive and limiting relationship. When Dominique finds Roark after he has failed as an architect and gone to work in a quarry, he as good as rapes her. We watch it happen as she leans on the table, with him behind her. At the same time, we see the image as seen from above projected onto the screen.
Later, an image of a wrinkled sheet is projected. Dominique goes up onstage, undresses completely and walks behind the video screen, where we see her standing on the sheet. Roark (played by Ramsey Nasr, the only one whose face is shown on the screen in close-up, as his expression reacts to what the others say) goes onstage, also nude, joins Dominique on the sheet and we see this intercourse, like a kind of mating ritual between them.”

read more: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/culture/theater/.premium-1.626601

So I’m not quite sure if we could see Ramsey Nasr au naturel.


Based on the book by Ayn Rand
Toneelgroep Amsterdam
Directed by Ivo van Hove

Ayn Rand‘s opposition to the Soviet Communism of her birthplace raised her political consciousness and her belief in the power of the individual and the virtues of self-reliance. Her novel The Fountainhead-widely read and both philosophically and politically polarizing-tells the story of a brilliant architect, Howard Roark, who refuses to compromise his creative vision. Pitted against colleagues who cave to popular and corporate interests, he pursues a relentless quest for individualism-which is tested when he falls in love with a kindred spirit, Dominique Francon.

At BAM Howard Gilman Opera House (30 Lafayette Ave)
Nov 28-Dec 2 at 7pm
Tickets start at $35
For ticket information, call BAM Ticket Services at 718.636.4100, or visit BAM.org.

In Dutch with English titles




  1. Did you see that at Sunday’s performance of Afterglow, the AUDIENCE will be naked? How will that work? Where do people put their clothes? And who sanitizes the seats — before AND after? It might be fun just to stand outside the theater tomorrow & see who goes in. If you see somebody you like get naked & grab a ticket!

    1. Unfortunately it looks like tickets are already sold out. Apparently there will be a naked Q and A with the actors afterwards where they will be nude as well. I guess at this point they are so comfortable being nude that they don’t care sitting around naked to answer questions!

  2. I’d be surprised if any of us voyeurs took the bait on this one, ticket availability or no. If you offered me SEX with the entire cast in exchange for attendance, I’d still take a pass. Now if it were the cast of Take Me Out…well, I might be tempted to sing Let Me Entertain You behind a giant powder puff.

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