Fire and Air


From Classic Stage Company:

This world premiere by Tony Award winner Terrence McNally explores the rich history of the Ballets Russes, Sergei Diaghilev’s itinerant Russian ballet company. Surrounded by great talents of art, design, and music, the tempestuous relationship between Diaghilev and dancer Vaslav Nijinsky revolutionizes dance forever.

Runs: January 17-February 25, 2018

The website warns of nudity and adult themes.  The part of Vaslav Nijinsky is being played by James Cusati-Moyer, who played the nude hustler in last year’s Six Degrees of Separation.

James Cusati-Moyer




  1. He covered himself really well with a towel. If you sit in first row, there might be a slight chance that you can get a glimpse for one second.
    He is shirtless in most scenes.

    The play itself is very slow.

    1. Thanks for the info, disappointing since his last role required nudity the entire time he was on stage. Not sure why they bothered to put in a nude scene if they were going to keep him covered.

  2. This play was so slow and boring and devoid of any drama, stakes or conflict. Ugh. So disappointing for McNally. The nudity is also disappointing, since it is virtually non-existant. I’ll also point out that the play has MANY moments that TEASE nudity, but never delivers. One example is the Nijinsky character tells Diaghilev in the first scene that he wants to dance the “fawn dance” naked and Diaghilev argues with him (this feels like it is teasing that he will in fact later dance naked — but no dice). Diaghilev also makes Jay Armstrong character undress, piece by piece. With only his pants left, Armstrong starts to unbuckle his belt and Diaghilev says, “not yet,” … however, the “yet” never comes. Even the warning of nudity is a big tease since there is NONE. It’s tease after tease and nothing materializes. In addition, one would think that a play about ballet with two beautiful dancers would at least have a dance in it — with or without clothes — but no dancing. Skip this snooze-fest.

  3. He is very thin, 0% body fat, dancer body. My seat for Six Degrees was front of mez (a bit far) and he runs around stage the whole time, so not sure if he was cut or uncut, but he is very sexy if you are into this body type.

  4. I agree, the play was boring. Only 3 things got me through it. One was seeing Marin Mazzie looking beautiful and healthy.
    Another was, I love Marsha Mason so it was nice having her basically sitting right by me knitting for most of the show.
    The last was that Kyle Dean Massey and Taylor Frey were in the audience. They are a beautiful couple.

  5. I actually enjoyed the play -especially seeing Marsha Mason. However, I have absolutely no idea about the nudity warning???? Don’t go for the nudity – there is none. Exception possibly for foot fetish like me. Like the historical perspective.

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