Angels in America Returns


The London production comes to Broadway!

From the website: ANGELS IN AMERICA, Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize-winning epic, won 7 Tony Awards®, The New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award and The Evening Standard Award for its groundbreaking debut. Now Marianne Elliott (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, War Horse) directs a spectacular new production of this landmark play starring Nathan Lane and Andrew Garfield, and featuring Susan Brown, Denise Gough, Amanda Lawrence, James McArdle, Lee Pace and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett.


While it is disappointing Andrew Garfield does not show the goods, I have read on some message boards that apparently Lee Pace is a little braver in the nudity department than Russell Tovey was.  (though Tovey did show his ass at least!)


Even still, with or without the nudity, I have heard great things about the revival (just make sure to plan for a long night – the first part is 4 hours long I believe.  Also, you have to buy tickets to both shows at the same time, which is a little annoying).



  1. My friend has seen the preview and she confirmed to me that Lee Pace showed full frontal and not just a quick one. Lee is not new to showing his goods on stage. I remember him in the nude in The Credeaux Canvas an off Bway show back in the late 90s.

  2. Does anyone know where in the play Lee Pace is nude? I’ve never seen a production where Louis has frontal nudity. I’ve only seen Joe and Prior get naked in AiA.

  3. This is not a good production, I didn’t even bother going to part 2. The Signature off bway production was so much better, but it helped that the furthest away from the stage you could be was maybe 10 rows, so you saw everything, and the acting was great. They also didn’t shy away from nudity.

    1. Agreed. Will not see this new starry-wussy mess foisted off on a trendy public eager AIDS nostalgia. Hail, Signature!! (the best Angels ever). Thumbs down on “must-see” Broadway/West End hype. If they really wanna be brave, revive Caroline, or Change — Kushner’s authentic masterpiece welded to genius-level Jeanine Tesori. No nudity, but you can’t have everything.

  4. With all due respect — you guys are both wrong. I saw this production in London and thought it was beautiful and amazing. Andrew Garfield was terrific. So were Nathan Lane and Denise Gough. I didn’t see the Signature production, (I did see the original B’way production in 80s), but the quality of a production can’t simply be judged on nudity or of lack thereof.

  5. Saw both parts today and loved this production. Funny most productions I have seen Prior usually does the full frontal – not so in this one – although Andrew Garfield’s bare feet gave me a chubby. Lee Pace (Joe Pitt) does show the goods. He does a full strip and I found it erotic when he peels off his Mormon undergarments and socks. Nice bod, average cock – but very nice. Again, most other productions I have seen Joe Pitt usually only shows his backside.

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