Out of state: BACHELORETTE in Ohio

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Excerpt from Dayton Daily News:

“This play also features the most nudity we’ve ever put on stage before and I know that’s something not seen very much in Dayton theater,” echoed Playground co-founder Jenna Valyn, who also serves as co-director and portrays Becky. “We’re nervous about it, but we also recognize we’re a cutting-edge theater company who wants to push the boundaries and take risks.”


What: “Bachelorette”

Where: Mathile Theatre of the Schuster Center, Second and Main streets, Dayton

When: March 8-11; 7 p.m. Thursday, 8 p.m. Friday, 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday

Cost: $15-$20

Tickets: Call Ticket Center Stage at (937) 228-3630 or visit www.ticketcenterstage.com

More info: Visit theplaygroundtheatre.org. You can also follow Playground’s Spotify playlist at pgdyt.org/bachelorette-soundtrack. The artists featured include The Donnas, The Runaways, Garbage and Veruca Salt among others.

FYI: The play, which will be performed in 90 minutes without intermission, contains adult themes, strong language, alcohol and drug use, sexual content and nudity.


  1. I saw this play several years ago in Washington, DC – I really didn’t care for it – it was like a poor man’s “Bridesmaids.” I don’t remember any nudity, actually I think it was an all female cast. Maybe it was re-written – hopefully for the better and with dick!

  2. If you missed Chris Bellant in Gray, he is scheduled to be naked again in Zurich, starting April 14 (Please don’t scold me about starting a new thread — I DON’T KNOW HOW).

  3. Welq, I’m with you. Wish I could start new threads when I get a tip – but have never been successful!

    1. I’m with you in noknowint how to post a new thread. I’ve looked all over the site for instructions, or a form to fill out to do that. Upcoming show with nudity is the wonderful gay male dance company MADBOOTS who will be at the Joyce Theater June 19 – 23. Check both MADBOOTS website and the Joyce Theater’s website for mores info.

      1. When you guys are on the site, do you have a WordPress symbol in the upper left hand corner ( a fancy W)? That is how I create posts, I click on it and a menu opens with the option to add a new blog post. If you are still unable to, post a comment and I will try and create a post for you when the event gets closer.

        Thanks for the tip!

      2. Thanks Calvin! Calvin is right. But you should go to wordpress.com first and not directly to the home page of my blog. WordPress does not allow posting directly from the home page. They want to make sure you are a wordpress.com registered user.

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