NYU Skirball will present the U.S. premiere of Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods’ Until Our Hearts Stop, choreographed by Meg Stuart, on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5 at 7:30 pm.

In UNTIL OUR HEARTS STOP, six performers and a three-piece, onstage jazz band, find themselves in an unreliable, high-octane refuge, both nightclub and an arena: a place of desire and illusion, experiencing extreme intimacy at each other’s hands. To the sound of throbbing basses, piano and drums – a mix between improvisation and composition – they connect and explore each other, drawing the audience into their immersive world. Stuart drew inspiration from people who retreat from the real world and construct their own, fantastic set of rules. The performers are forced to connect in uncomfortable, yet playful ways. Navigating between naivety and despair, they are dreamers who long for reality and seek new forms of appearance.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/244685365

Note: This performance contains graphic nudity and is recommended for ages 18+.



  1. Just saw it. I’m not sure I would come for the nudity, though there’s quite a lot of it (mostly women though), but it’s a very interesting and enjoyable show.

  2. Saw the show tonight, unfortunately it is the last night. The show was ok, though way too long. They told us it would be two hours no intermission, it wound up being 2 and a half. The graphic nudity referred mostly to two of the female performers who were nude for about 30 minutes or so (wrestling, tweaking nipples, rolling around – I imagine all the straight men and queer women in the audience were in heaven!)

    Two of the male performers got fully nude as well. During the beginning of the show, one of the dancers, who was very tall and lanky, stripped down and joined the others on a couch. They then started to mimic sex with one another. At one point another male dancer pretended to eat him out. He had long hangers you could see quite clearly from behind – he flashed a lot of frontal as he rolled around with the others – he appeared cut, average size.

    The other nude guy was the drummer – after a fake intermission where the performers went out into the audience, he and two of the male dancers spent some time slapping each other on the chest and back. He stripped off his pants and undies to get slapped on his bare ass. He flashed some decent frontal during the section as well as when he went back to his drum kit to get dressed. He looked your typical bearded hipster, thin with some tats. He looked uncut and trimmed.

    All in all, not bad though I will not pretend to understand what they were trying to say through their performances.

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