Angels in America

As we all know, the nudity part in the National Theater version only comes in Part 2: Perestroika as Andrew Garfield did not show full frontal in the First Part: Millennium approaches.

But Lee Pace (as Joe Pitt) made up for that in Part 2 as he was never shy at all. He showed everything in a well lit scene. He pranced onstage showing his thick bush, cut cock (what a pretty cock I must say) and tight shaved balls. His thick bush matches his hairy armpits. He definitely had no qualms showing his cock to the audience. But even though everyone gets a chance to see his goods, if you sit audience right, you’ll have more chance to see his cock longer as Louis blocks the audience left in the first 30 seconds.

This Broadway revival is great as casting is perfect from Garfield to Nathan Lane as Roy Cohn. The only thing that distracted me was the clunky production design especially in Part One. It looked more like an Off Broadway show. And when the time came that the Angel showed herself to Andrew Garfield (Prior), at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it since she was carried by other actors onstage instead of hanging from the ceiling. However this staging enables her to move back and forth onstage and really wrestle Prior onstage in Part Two, which was never achieved in all the stagings I’ve seen when the angel was hanging .

This version is worth seeing!

Nudity Rating: 5 (Lee showed full frontal for more than a minute in a well lit stage)


  1. Was fortunate enough to see both parts yesterday as well. Funny, in most productions Prior (Andrew Garfield) usually goes full frontal and Joe (Lee Pace) usually only give a butt shot. Andrew Garfield was not nude but I did get a little chubby looking at his bare feet. Lee Pace does unabashedly show more than his butt – very nice cock, balls, and pubes. I was especially stimulated when he peeled off his Mormon undergarments and socks. BTW, I loved this production and thought the acting was exceptional – especially the frustrated Harper character.

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