This upcoming performance was previously mentioned in the comments but wanted to re-up it.  It is not premiering until June 19 but tickets are going fast.

From the website:

 MADBOOTS DANCE makes its Joyce debut with a program featuring the New York premiere of MASCas well as a world premiere. Led by Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz, the queer, all-male company is known for its fearless athleticism and unashamed intimacy. Tackling topics related to male identity, the company was named “25 to Watch” by Dance Magazine in 2016.

Program contains full nudity.






  1. Thank you for this. I have my tickets and am delighted you say tickets are going fast. Very much looking forward to seeing this company for the first time.

  2. I went to the opening performance last night (Tuesday). The nudity is in the first of the two numbers on the program, MASC. It’s a marvelous piece exploring aspects of masculinity—haunting and beautiful. One of the dancers is totally nude the entire time. He is extremely handsome with an impressively muscular body, nice size cut cock. The other four dancers wear black shorts (not exactly shorts, but I don’t know how to describe it other than that). Some of them also wear long black gloves and one occasionally has a black covering for his entire head. Mainly these four dance are separate from the nude dancer who is doing his own thing with large rocks or stones but as the piece progresses the two groups begin to interact. MASC is an emotionally gripping piece, marvelous performed by everyone involved.

    The other piece, GAY GUERRILLA, was a world premier. It has a much larger cast and involves lots of costume changes. From time to time a dancer or two will wear a dance belt, and at the end of the piece almost all of them are wearing dance belts. The dancing seems frenetic, almost to the point of being assaultive. The music is pounding piano music that is relentless. The piece is obviously about conflict and intense emotion and the dancers’ energy never flags. Very impressive. For me the piece seemed unformed. MASC clearly has a beginning and an end, a dramatic arc that was most satisfying, really enthralling. GAY GUERRILLA didn’t have that for me. It felt more like an impressive first draft that could benefit from some reshaping. The last 5 or 6 minutes when the dancers were holding hands, united, supporting one another (?), and then sprawled on the floor was quite beautiful. I thought it would have been much more powerful if they had been nude (signifying totally present for each other, giving their all, being totally vulnerable) rather than in dance belts.

    I look forward to seeing much more from MADBOOTS—it’s a marvelous company.

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