TRAINSPOTTING_14423.jpgTrainspotting Live, an immersive stage adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s critically acclaimed novel and the cult Danny Boyle film, has opened Off-Broadway  at Roy Arias Stages in New York City. The story follows the highs, lows, and outright chaos of the drug scene in Edinburgh in the late 1980s.

Joining previously announced original cast member Greg Esplin, who plays Tommy and who also co-directs, will be Liam Akpan as Sick Boy, Andrew Barrett as Renton, Tom Chandler as Begbie, Lauren Downie as June, Greg Esplin as Tommy, Pia Hagan as Allison, and Oliver Sublet as Mother Superior.

Trainspotting was published in 1993 and adapted into a critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated film by Boyle in 1996.

Performances will be at 777 8th Avenue.  Tickets are on sale at


From the casting call all Roles requires nudity!

Based on the novel by
Irvine Welsh

75 minutes

Suitable for
Ages 16+

777 8th Ave
Roy Arias Stages
New York

• Nudity
• Very strong language
• Violent & sexual nature
• Heavy drug/needle use


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