Trainspotting Live

This fast paced kinetic play is faithful to the movie written by Irvine Welsh and also it’s downfall. Unless you have seen the movie TRAINSPOTTING, there is no way you can follow what’s happening in the play.

I understand the need for speed but the raw emotions got lost because they did not have any moment to stop, and take time for the audience to let what’s happening sink in.

The only time they slowed down was when Sickboy was holding his dead baby.

They should have done this at the last scene when Tommy will overdose. The strobe lights was just overdoing it. Sometimes, less is more.

(Photo: Andrew Barrett as Renton)

One of the highlights of course is the infamous toilet scene. The production design recreated it so well, you will really squirm from disgust (in a fun way). Warning: it is interactive so you might get some sprinkles here and there.

(Photo: Greg Esplin as Tommy and Andrew Barrett as Renton)

The two actors who bared all are Andrew Barrett who played Renton, the Ewan McGregor role. He has a lean body, smooth and an uncut cock with tight foreskin. He has very curly bush and tight balls. Nice buns and smooth hole too. You can sit anywhere and you will be able to see all of him.

The other one is Greg Esplin as Tommy.

(Photo: Greg Esplin as Tommy)

He has 2 nude scenes. He shows us his uncut cock and red pubes as he removes vaporub from his cock. He has nice tattoos on his right leg too. In the last scene where he lie on the bed, depending on where you sit, you can see either his smooth hole as he was on his side or ogle his cock and balls as he tries to find a vein in his inguinal area.

Definitely a must see for nudity lovers.

NUDITY RATING: 5 (Gratuitous nudity)


  1. Saw this evening. Not for everyone but I enjoyed it. (Glad I went alone as hubby would have hated it.) I found all of the actors attractive in a very edgy way. All of the male actors appear at least once bare chested and in underwear. I love ginger boys and Greg Esplin was a fine specimen! Yum! Unfortunately I never got a good look at this cock and red pubes because of the strobe light. Also, I was on the other end of the theater from the bare mattress he was on naked. Too bad. On the other hand, Andrew Barrett jumped on to my row and his cock was inches away from my face. Nice, tight foreskin. I was, however, able to restrain myself especially since he was covered in chocolate pudding “feces.” During the infamous toilet scene a water filled condom landed on my lap and burst. Wearing khakis so it looked like I either wet myself or leaked copious amounts of pre-cum….alas those days are over. BTW, the toe queen in me was quite pleased by all of the nice bare feet – especially Greg’s. 5 stars for eye candy.

  2. PS, plenty of comp tickets available on Goldstar for a $9 surcharge. Seating is odd. You are given a color coded glow stick wrist band and the cast escorts you to your seat based on the color. I got a Goldstar “dealer’s choice” which means you can be seated anywhere. All seats are pretty good but you could get wet or smeared with chocolate pudding “feces.”

    1. Couldn’t tell because of the lighting and the fact I was on the other side of the theater. The closer you sit near the mattress, the better the view.

  3. Glimpses of a couple of penises do not make up for the necessity afterwards of doing a load of laundry with Spray & Wash, soaking your eyeglasses in disinfectant and taking a scalding shower with enough soap for The Bold and the Beautiful A truly upsetting experience — and not in an aesthetically cleansing way, but in a LITERAL cleansing way. It’s like watching a bunch of Scottish Gallaghers with coffee-infused watermelons. Coffee STAINS, you assholes! — or, in the parlance of the show, you “fookin’ coonts.” No wonder one of the actors after the curtain call begs the audience to go online and advise all their friends to come see the show; there were scads of empty seats. Obviously this show has been seen by too many people whose clothes require dry cleaning. As for the strobe-lit cock scene, the actor has the choice of turning left or right when he shoots his junk up with junk. He turns to his left — WHERE NOBODY WAS SITTING! I wonder if “cheat” in a Scottish brogue is pronounced “chate.” And one more thing: This show has the most annoying seating policy I have ever seen: You are accosted at the entrance & dragged to your seat by your wrist, which sports a day-glo, rave-like wand, either green or yellow — green gets you a chair in the second row, yellow gets you a dog’s seat in the front row, which is really just a dusty footrest for the people with green wristbands. And remember: Tell everybody you know what a great time you had. Or just lie your fookin’ head off.

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