Manifesto: The Aleksei Diaghilev Project July 25

From the press release:

MANIFESTO: The Diaghilev Project is a developmental theatre piece exploring the life and work of art critic and ballet impresario, Sergei Diaghilev. Using dance, historical documents, electro-pop music and original playwriting, MANIFESTO tells the story of Diaghilev’s career through the voices and bodies of his 8 lovers. Written by Nathan Wright and directed by Nadia Foskolou, MANIFESTO will be performed by 9 actor-dancers playing over 40 different roles with live music by classical pianist and experimental composer, Dustin Gledhill and choreography by Brad Landers.

Marc Sinoway from the TV series HUNTING SEASON will play Diaghilev.


July 25


July 28

Ticket price:




Robert Moss Theatre

440 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10003



From the moderator: The casting call requires full frontal nudity.

Some of the cast members rehearsing


  1. No nudity to report, at least not at the performance I attended. At one point in the beginning the cast stripped down to their dance belts for a few moments but that was it. I imagine the original intent of that scene was for them to strip down to nothing as the main character describes them as nude. But my theory is they changed it for technical reasons – the actors all wore mic packs and the only thing keeping them in place were the dance belts (it would have been weird seeing eight nude men with mic packs tapped to their sides lol).

    All in all, I did enjoy myself. The show is long and definitely in its early stages (as mentioned in the program). It could use some trimming and some more focus – I feel like Diaghilev gets lost in some of the scenes and the show is about him. But the actors were game and there is a lot of promise. Plus Marc Sinoway is even hotter in person and with a mustache!

  2. Anyone heard anything about nudity in the Arena Stage premiere musical Dave? It seems to be aiming for coming to Broadway at some time and stars the really easy on the eyes Drew Gehling (from Waitress). The film had a scene where the First Lady confronts Dave in the shower. According to the review in the Washington Post, that scene remains intact and they coyly hint at possible nudity without coming right out and explicitly saying so. Just wondering if anyone has seen it and can comment. Thanks.

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