Torn Out Theater’s THE ROVER

From Torn Out Theater which brought us the 2017 nude, all-male production of Hamlet is back this summer and  will return to the Prospect Park Pagoda to put on a production, but not clothes, of “The Rover” a 17th century play set in Italy during Carnival, that tells the story of European nobility whose inhibitions are set free behind the safety of masks.

This will be the company’s first mixed-gender and non-Shakespearian production. ,

“The Rover” will run Thursday through Sundays from Aug. 16 until Aug. 26. with weekday performances at 5:30 p.m. and weekend performances at 2 p.m.


No tickets are required for this free production but the company recommends theater-goers arrive 30 minutes before curtain time as seating is first-come-first-served.

Seats on the lawn are free and attendees are welcome to bring picnic blankets and chairs. A limited number of chairs will be available to rent for $7.

The Cast:
Hannah Benjamin as Blunt
Giordano Cruz as Don Pedro
Ryan Desaulniers as Willmore
Colin James Ferguson as Angellica
Alice Gorelick as Moretta
Sarah Elizabeth Grace as Florinda
Tucker Dally Johnston as Don Antonio
Clara Kundin as Hellena
Will Lippman as Belvile
Miranda McCauley as Callis
Andrew Ricks as Frederick

Angela Dahl
Samantha Fox
Sasha Sigel
Bear Spiegel

And if you can, we should support this theater group.




    1. I saw it last week, definitely worth the trip out to prospect park! Every single cast member gets naked at some point and the lead three male characters are nude for like 90 percent of the time they are “on stage”. Though it is a mix of men and women, there are quite a few male cast members, 7 including the musician who joins in the nudity. The lead is on stage for a good chunk of the play and shows no fear. The cast do wear masks a good portion of the time they are nude but all remove them at some point or another. All in all another daring performance from Torn Out theater. I hope they continue their annual nude performances.

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