Torn Out Theater’s The Rover

Here’s another shout out to Torn Out Theater for staging an all nude male/female production of The Rover.

From Wikipedia:

The Rover or The Banish’d Cavaliers is a play in two parts that is written by the English author Aphra Behn and depicts the amorous adventures of a group of Englishmen in Naples at Carnival . The play stood for three centuries as “Behn’s most popular and most respected play.”[1] The Rover features multiple plot lines, dealing with the amorous adventures of a group of Englishmen and women in Naples at Carnival time.

Kudos to the cast and crew for giving it their all. I always have enjoyed their performance. This time it’s kind of cool to see them clothed in one scene and then nude the next time.

It’s lighter and more fun than last year’s.

Ryan Desaulnier is definitely a leading man material. He commands every scene and has a great presence and he is also an eye candy! He has a lean body, zero percent body fat and a nice cut cock, low hanging balls and thick bush!

Will Lipman is perfect for his role as he brings this Bohemian vibe. I love his long hair! He has a very nice ass and it is so hairy! He is also very bushy and has a cut cock. He is more of a grower than a shower but is a lovely man anyways.

Colin James Ferguson as Angelica is a standout though. He has a great voice as well. And when he went nude you will be in awe. He has a huge and thick cock. And it’s not even hard!

And the rest of all male actors went nude as well. (Giordano Cruz, Tucker Daily Johnston, Andrew Ricks) So much variety for everyone!

Here’s the feature from

From One News Page

You have 3 more chances to see this show this weekend! Definitely a must-see!

August 24 Friday 5:30 pm

August 25 Saturday 2 pm

August 26 Sunday 2 pm

NUDITY RATING: a perfect 5! What more can I say.

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