Photos from Torn Out Theater’s THE ROVER

Torn Out Theater has shared photos of their current show at the Music Pagoda..

We would like to thank them for sharing these pics!

Ryan Desaulniers

Will Lipman

Andrew Ricks

Colin James Ferguson

Giordano Cruz

Andrew Ricks, Ryan Desaulniers and Will Lipman

Ryan Desaulniers

Paolo C Perez

Ryan Desaulniers

Ryan Desaulniers and Will Lipman

Catch their last 2 performances today August 25 and tomorrow August 26 both at 2 pm!

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  1. Saw this yesterday afternoon. Thumbs up for male frontal nudity and I also enjoyed the performance. Loved Hamlet last year. Hamlet was repeated a few weeks later at Central Park, maybe Torn Out will do it again with the “Rover.” At age 65 I discovered I have a new fetish – being turned on by naked men playing musical instruments. I had an inkling of this when I saw the last production of “Naked Holidays” when one of the performer played the saxophone in the buff. In the “Rover” I was intrigued by the naked guy playing the accordion. I’m sure there are others like me and there is a blog someplace!

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