Out of state: The Picture of Dorian Gray / Los Angeles

A6859920-A7B4-4CA3-A1D2-8CB78CF520FAA production of The Picture of Dorian Gray is running at A Noise Within theater in Pasadena and its a 5 on the rating scale!

Colin Bates, a Julliard and Royal Ballet graduate stars, and he is sexy as fuck. Bates played Billy Elliot in the West End and you might have seen him on Amazon’s Sneaky Peak in his boxers.

His character (Dorian Gray) enters the studio of a painter who he’s been posing for and proceeds to slowly take off his clothes piece by piece while he talks to the two other men in the scene. Then, fully naked, he steps up onto a platform to pose. He does this in bright stage lighting and stays on the platform for about 10 minutes while the men talk.

He strips down fully naked again at end of play. He is in various states of undress throughout the play.

Bates has a perfect ballet dancer body, zero body fat, toned and defined, and downy blond hair on his legs and trimmed pubes. He’s uncut (he’s a Brit), and although not necessarily a shower, he’s worth the price of admission. Beautiful uncut dick, face, abs, ass — he is simply delicious.

Enthusiastic 5 rating!

Play runs until Nov 16. Don’t miss it if you’re in LA. All seats are good!

A Picture of Dorian Gray

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