Mount Olympus: to glorify the cult of tragedy

For those who are really dedicated to male nudity and have 24 hours to spare:


Mount Olympus: to glorify the cult of tragedy (a 24-hour performance) is a graphic, 24-hour Dionysian orgy of madness, murder, and music — a hallucinatory vision of Homeric themes and characters, played by 27 performers, that come to life in one day and one night. It is the age of humanity, and the birth of tragedy in its most fundamental form: mutilation, obscenity and purification. Acclaimed Belgian director Jan Fabre’s American premiere outlines stories and characters from Greek tragedy, wrenching open their flaws until they are left in tatters, smashed by violence, Homeric laughter and ecstasy. Mount Olympus is not a modernization of Greek tragedy. It is an investigation of the impossibility of representing that which mutilates us and makes us pure again.


More info and tickets:

Some of you might have seen videos of this performance online (there are several scenes of amazing male nudity).  If you have the time and fortitude to stick around for the entire performance, you won’t be disappointed (unless you fall asleep during the fully nude male dance number!).  I would recommend Googling a lot about the previous performances before you go so you are prepared and know what to look out for.




  1. I have been obsessed with that video for years and wanting to see this performed live. I don’t, however, think I have the stamina for 24 hours with no breaks……to bad – all of those bouncing cocks….yum.

  2. I too, would love to see this, but its way too expensive and way too long.

    FYI: The entire 24 hours can be rented or purchased on Vimeo at this link:

    On a side note, articles about this perfomance have mentioned that one of the performers stands on stage without moving and gets a (handsfree) boner. I am assuming its in the first hour (you’ll see what I mean if you rent Part 1 of the link above). It’s the guy in the picture above in the middle of the stage. However, he doesn’t get a boner in the Vimeo performance, Part 1. Does anyone know of a recorded performance where he gets the boner?

    Asking for a friend. 🙂

  3. Yes, Whiteside does strip naked The Tenant. But it is very fast and dark and behind smoked glass (maybe 10 seconds). And although he is really handsome, with an incredible, tall, lean dancer’s body — his dick is kinda tiny and not very exciting. (Sorry James)

  4. another show alert: Lured at Theater for the New City. Heard about male full frontal. Don’t know who.
    I did manage to see 12 hours of Mount Olympus in NYU. I know some people never left the theater the whole time. It was a tremendous experience seeing it live. The standing ovation in the end lasted about 15 minutes.
    That guy managed to have an erection without using hands in the second scene in Chapter 1.

    1. Impressive! I just couldn’t muster up the strength to go to a 24 hour performance though it sounds like people were able to come and go. Maybe I should have gotten a nearby hotel room and ducked in and out to take a nap! Oh well, glad you were able to see and enjoy!

  5. @keninadvanture Great that you went to see it. I wish I joined you. Anyone find the “erection” scene on video on the internet yet? Everything else is. Thanks

  6. Another upcoming show to look out for…SLAVE PLAY at New York Theatre Workshop. Supposed to have nudity and sexual content. James Cusati Moyer (who went full frontal as the hooker in SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION) is in it and will apparently have a gay sex scene. It starts previews next week.

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