Frank J Avella’s new play shows us the violence LGBTQ people suffers  in Russia. It’s hard to watch but the violence is necessary for us to feel the pain and hardships of the victims. In the second half of the play, when table are turned, emotions are stirred as the audience were behind those who seek justice. But should violence begets violence? Indeed, a tough question to answer especially if you were the aggrieved one.

SYNOPSIS: Based on factual accounts and events, Lured focuses on one particular Russian hate group’s attack on a young gay man and the repercussions that follow, when his loved ones decide to take action. The play depicts how these vigilantes lure and entrap LGBTQ people, humiliating and torturing them on camera. Lured wonders if hate is inherent or taught and whether revenge is ever the answer. In this current world climate, the play could not be timelier.

Directed by Frank J. Avella & Carlotta Brentan

Show Times: Thursday-Saturday @8pm, Sunday @3pm

Tickets from $18



Kalen J Hall

Kalen J. Hall as Sergei a hunky actor showed his uncut cock. He has nice hairy chest, nice pecs and nice smooth ass.

John DiMino

John DiMino as Dmitry also showed us his shock cut cock, thick pubes. nd what a nice nipples he has!

Catch this play. It is relevant and has great eye candies! What more can you ask for?


(Photos from Facebook)


  1. Not a great play. Not one character is sympathetic, not one character grows — which makes the extreme violence not as poignant or purposeful as it might have been. As for the nudity — the two boys are sexy, but it’s very fast. Given the unsuccessful play, nudity not worth the trip.

  2. Paul Alexander Nolan gets totally naked at the end of Slave Play, now showing at the New York Theatre Workshop.

    It happens at the very end of the show in the last few minutes. He strips totally naked, and although he never really faces the audience (a fact that allows us a great view of his ass), you can see everything because the set consists of mirrors that reflect his naked body. I’m not sure there would be a bad seat in the house since the mirrors are everywhere, but he walks around briefly on stage left/audience right and you get a good view from that angle.

    He’s got a great body. It definitely could have been a better view if it were a little brighter and if he had turned around, but no complaints!

  3. Caught the first preview of the Broadway production of Choir Boy, whose Take Me Out-style nude scenes, much-discussed in previous productions over a period of many years, has been … er … edited for content. People walk in & out of the shower with their underpants on & take off their clothes so gingerly you’d think Vladimir Putin was in the next room looking through a keyhole. Do the producers think the business from school groups is greater than that from us pervs? Who knows? But if you’re looking for dick, please avert your eyes elsewhere.

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