Reviews for DADDY

Here are some excerpts from reviews for DADDY confirming the nudity in this play starring Alan Cumming.


Cumming, who isn’t shy about strutting around in a jock strap or totally naked, is riveting as gray-bearded Andre, the devilish art collector looking to acquire Franklin, an up-and-coming young artist, as if he were a painting. Andre’s vast collection sports such masters as Twombly, Lichtenstein, and Basquiat. He is not only attracted to Franklin’s youthful exuberance, talent, and luscious “chocolate” body, but also his cutting-edge taste in art.

To be sure, “Daddy” is a fiercely theatrical, disturbing exploration of intimacy and racial and sexual identity. It is among the few productions I’ve seen that dares to portray the perverse intensity of Daddy-Son role play, more common in the gay world than most people realize. What’s more, the psychodrama contains more frontal male nudity and graphic gay sex than virtually any major play in recent memory.


“But of course it’s the performances of celebrated veteran Alan Cumming and relative newcomer Ronald Peet that form the center of “Daddy,” and they are bravely naked in more ways than one. The interaction between Andre and Franklin is sometimes strange, often bluntly erotic, but stimulating in other ways as well. “


Andre and Franklin’s relationship is complicated, and Harris lets us in on just nearly every element there is. There is sex, nudity, rough treatment, tenderness, challenges and intellectual sparring.

From theater

As things move along, sex, nudity and control become the prevalent ongoing themes as Franklin and Andre cavort in and out of the pool, in Speedos but mostly naked, Andre demanding sex of Franklin who says this is all new to him and that things are moving too fast.


“And if you want too much, who better than the irresistible Alan Cumming, who can give excess elegance, a sleek sophistication, and do it all in the nude? The reason for the nudity is Andre’s young lover, Franklin (the excellent Ronald Peet), also nude. The excuse for all this visible — and impressive — skin is a pool, deep enough to swim in, one of the many elements in the stunning set (designed by Matt Saunders).


  1. Finally got to see this other night. I enjoyed it though not entirely sure it works 100%. Performances were good though, especially Alan Cumming, Charlayne Woodard and Ronald Peet. Cumming and Peet are fully nude in Act 1 for at least 10 minutes. The scene takes place at night so the lights are dimmed but you can see everything. They start out in the pool and then wind up on deck chairs without bothering with towels. The scene is pretty erotic (and slightly disturbing once the theme of the play is apparent) but it involves Cumming caressing Peet and Peet sitting on Cumming’s lap full ass naked. Peet is amazingly fit and spends most of the rest of the play in a speedo. He is average size and trimmed. Cumming has a dad bod but it works for him – he is packing and appears uncut. There is also a shorter nude scene in Act 3 as well. The scene involves Cumming spanking Peet on his bare ass with a sandal. Both were fully nude for this scene. One of the most daring nude scenes I have seen, kinda amazing considering how famous Alan Cumming is.

  2. I thought it was about 2 hours too long, not that interesting, not that great of performances. I can’t believe I stayed. I was a little jealous of the people that walked out or disappeared during each intermission.

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