Curse of the Starving Class


“Curse of the Starving Class” by Sam Shepard is coming to Signature Theater. Typically, the character of “Wesley,” the teenage son (played in this production by Gilles Geary – pictured here) comes on a fully lit stage naked, carrying a live sheep, and if I recall correctly, has a lengthy monologue. I saw a production of this in the 80s with Bradley Whitford playing this role. He was young and super hot in those days. I didn’t know the nudity was coming and it was pretty exciting at the time. I think it was the first time I saw nudity on stage… but enough about me… back to the play…

The website doesn’t mention nudity and the casting call for the show didn’t mention it either. Perhaps the director took it out? I’d be surprised that Signature would do that. They are usually very true to their plays and loyal to playwrights.

If anyone sees this, please report back. Tickets are now on sale. It runs from April 23 – May 26, 2019.



  1. I think the script has Wesley coming out in his underwear; the nudity may have been added in the production you saw.

  2. To duncan pflaster — I don’t think the script has him in his underwear. Google the play. Every production of this play over the years has him come out naked.

  3. For what’s it’s worth, the Wikiapedia plot summary (surprisingly thorough) mentions that Wesley walks into the kitchen naked in Act 3. We will have to see – it wouldn’t be the first play that had nudity that was not mentioned in the warnings though it is weird they would mention the strobe lights and herbal cigarettes and not the nudity (then again those two things could cause physical discomfort to audience members while no one seeing a Sam Shepard play in NYC should be shocked by nudity!).

  4. They have updated their warning, now it includes NUDITY in addition to use of strobe effects, haze and herbal cigarettes

  5. Saw this tonight. First of all the performance was quite good with excellent acting and the opening stage set drew applause from the audience. Now for the goods…..The actor in the above pic – Gillen Geary – is quite delectable – especially if you are in to tall, handsome, well built, blond, Nordic looking guys. He walks out on to the stage totally naked and you get a good look at his his nice, medium size cock. Unfortunately, I was too far back to assess more details. I could not tell if he is cut/uncut or if his pubes are blond or shaven. The frontal nudity is brief – perhaps 20 seconds – but well worth the wait. He was also barefoot and I wish I had a better look at his worshipful feet. He also pisses on his sister’s drawings with his back to audience but probably simulated. The best views would be as close to the stage as possible on the audience right. I hope he auditions for “Take Me Out.” Perhaps a little pricey if you only want a brief look at his cock, but the play itself is worth the money. Very realist, gritty, and earthy.

  6. He is shaved smooth, nice balls and ass. I sat in the front section center. If you are too far right he is behind the sheep pen, you might not see as much.

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