CAMP MORNING WOOD ( A very Naked musical)

Finally after a long drought, a show that promises tons of male nudity !

From the press release: Camp Morning Wood is Rocky Horror meets Naked Boys Singing. Gabe and Randy are newly engaged but struggling with their individual relationship goals. Their therapist suggests getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s rat race, to unplug and reconnect with each other. But on their way to a family lake house the car breaks down and they stumble upon a gay nudist camp, Morning Wood Meadows, on its last weekend open. The government, with the help of one ultra conservative senator in particular, has sold the property to a mega church. What follows for Gabe, Randy and the cast is a hilarious and heart warming weekend of temptations and new discoveries that promises to change everyone for the rest of their lives.

Note: From the casting notice, all roles require nudity in performances. There is also a warning on the show’s website about the nudity.

The Anne L. Bernstein Theater at Theater Center (210 W 50th Street)

May 29- July 7, 2019

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  1. According to their Instagram page, the show has been delayed a week, premiering now on June 7th in a new theater. I guess there were some issues with their previous theatre. Thankfully they found a new home!

  2. The show has moved to the Peter J. Sharp studio theater on the fourth floor of Playwright’s Horizons on 42nd Street. It’s a small space so any seat should have a good view of the stage. Seats in the front two rows are $99. Seats in the next five rows are $79 and $59 but by logging on through and using the code CMWBOX you can get those seats for $39. I’m seeing it Sunday the 16th.

  3. I don’t know how to start a new threat, so I’ll mention this here. Pilobolus Dance Company is going to be at the Joyce Theater June 11 – 29. Both of the programs they are offering have nudity warnings, though no indication if this is male or female or how much nudity. It might be some of the women going topless, but in the past there they have occasionally had full male nudity.

    1. schweigsame …Have you (or anyone) seen this Pilobolus at the Joyce? Please report back! Thanks!

      1. I wasn’t able to make it this season. Alas. And no I haven’t heard any reports.

  4. They say if you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best to say nothing at all. With that in mind, if you choose to see this production, keep your expectations low. Looooow. It’s a send-up of all the standard gay-male cliches and tropes. Lots of nudity, none of it very memorable. The actors playing Titus (hello!) and the Senator are two notable standouts—and I’m talking about their talent, although they’re also the easiest on the eyes, by a long shot. If I had it do over, I wouldn’t bother with this one.

  5. THANK YOU for the amazing discount deal or I would have paid A LOT more! You’re an angel! The show itself is… ummm..yea. I was there during a preview performance and I heard them say they are still trying to tighten things up. It felt like an SNL sketch gone on way too long. When I saw it the audience was DEAD which did not help the energy or the joke which many fall flat.

    I don’t know how long they rehearsed but timing and line delivery seems to be something that could be improved. As the above said, It’s campy and some cute music but that’s about it. I LOVE how there are different types of bodies and cocks and 90% of the show is nudity. AMAZING!!!!!! I give all the actors LOTS of credit.

    Aside from that, there are some themes that could have been explored a little better -men feeling inadequate due to body image, and I loved the song about not being a Twink anymore. It was actually very enlightening to hear a song about someone who in the show struggles with not being as cute and fit as he was in his 20’s and how is deals with it.

    In general, if you have an afternoon to kill, go for it. Songs are written but various composers so you get what you get.

      1. Saw last night. Although those dick pics represent the variety of cocks in the show I don’t think these belong to the actors. All the dick reminded me of the play “Party “

  6. Saw this evening. It is exactly what I expected and I liked it. Would like to see it again with hubby. LOTS AND LOTS of dicks in all shapes and sizes. All body types too, which is part of the story line. The two top billed guys are both small to average with nice uncut cocks. None of the guys have the least bit of modesty and even do the curtain call completely starkers. A couple of the guys gave me a chubby, but at my age – sadly – the precum I used to leak is no more. I also like the song about no longer being a twink and fit and remembering Madonna. Go for the dick. I personally like a mixture of body types although there are a few lookers. I, personally, liked the bears. Remember to get discount tickets on Broadway Box.

  7. Finally got to see it this week. Gotta say I enjoyed it. It’s not exactly Fun Home or Falsettos lol but still was a lot of fun. They must have cleaned it up a bit as some of the characters in the program were not on stage. Some of the songs were pretty catchy though some did go on a little long. The actors seem to have found their groove and the audience was into it, which is always good.

    I appreciated the variety in the cast – all different body types not afraid to bare it all for two hours and dance and sing about a silly nudist camp. Not to be shallow but my favorite hunk was Michael Witkes, who played the shallow Kincaid. He was hilarious and very sexy! Kudos to all the cast however – wish more actors were as brave as they are!

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