TAKE ME OUT is coming back!

Second Stage is reviving Richard Greenberg’s amazing play TAKE ME OUT in their upcoming season!!!

And not only that they just announced that JESSE WILLIAMS will be playing Darren Lemming. Oh my goodness.I can’t wait!. You better subscribe to Second Stage if you want to get tickets. They also are featuring LINDA VISTA by Tracy Letts where Ian Barford will show us his goods as well. Worth it!


  1. Hey:

    I just found your site and LOVE IT!

    Want to share that I just saw a production in Los Angeles called Shooting Star. A musical about gay porn. And it was really good. The lead, Taubert Nadalini, is a total star. Amazing voice, and he looks AMAZING naked. Great today and a perfect ass with a nice uncut cock.

    Maybe you can include a posting for those of us out here on the west coast.

    https://www.onstage411.com/newsite/show/play_info.asp?show_id=4923&skin_show_id=32.4923 [https://www.onstage411.com/newsite/show/uploads/thumbnails/4923.jpg] SHOOTING STAR – A Revealing New Musical – Hudson Mainstage Theatre – Hollywood – onstage411.com – Los Angeles SHOOTING STAR – A Revealing New Musical (Musical) Your browser does not support the audio element. Previews Thursday, May 23, 8 pm Friday, May 24, 8 pm http://www.onstage411.com Thanks again for doing what you do.



      1. I happened to be in LA this weekend by total luck and caught a viewing of this. Wow — very sexy show. Frontal/rear from 3 actors:

        Taubert has a few quick frontal/rear scenes. Great body.

        Davey Miller has a quick frontal scene.

        And man oh man — Nathan Mohebbi has the best nudity in the show. He’s lying butt naked on the stage, rear facing the audience. Then he flips over and proceeds to give us a nice, long frontal scene, definitely a few minutes. His nudity was better than Taubert’s and that’s saying something.

        Finally, Bettis Richardson shows his butt as he’s getting oral sex.

        There’s only one more weekend left for this show. Go see it if you can (and leave after the first act. Act two has no nudity and goes off the rails. Not worth sitting through it.)

    1. I always thought Patrick Adams was very, very handsome. Hope he has as much nudity as was in the original Broadway production.

  2. The first pics of “Take Me Out” are posted on Playbill.com. I was unable to download and share. I’m already leaking pre -cum! I hope it lives up to my expectations.

  3. Have tix for 4/18 (matinee) and 5/14. If any of my fellow TMO whores have tix on these days let me know and we can meet up afterwards to have a beer and critique the show.

  4. Two things.

    One, the production of Take Me Out is using a service called Yondr, requiring audience members to put their phones in bags. So, here’s hoping that means some epic nudity is coming.

    Second, there’s a production of Angels in America in New Orleans next month starring David A Gregory as Joe and his role requires nudity. Lee Pace went frontal playing that part on Broadway, so maybe he’ll go all the way too.

    1. mmmmm, Yondr should be used for ALL plays…….I’ll never understand why someone pays $200 for a Broadway show ticket then plays with his phone….

  5. Usually after a play is revived on Broadway, regional theaters sometimes imitate and perform it the next season, let’s hope!

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