Los Pied Pipers de Woodside

The play THE PIED PIPERS OF LOWER EAST SIDE that made Derek Ahonen and The Amoralists the toast of New York Theater back in 2004 is having a comeback but this time in a Spanish language adaptation from July 10-21, 2019

From the press release:

Coming to Teatro LATEA in July Los Pied Pipers in Woodside. Amor, Wyatt, Amanecer and Billy defend love and peace, they live threatened by a three headed monster: individualism, rationalism and materialism. Outside the global warming is unbearable, the elite invent wars and no one wants to listen or face reality. They all walk like the living dead, isolated by their headphones and their technological prosthesis. The human decay is the common denominator and the only place to find shelter is the vegan restaurant of Los Pied Pipers in Woodside, Queens. Tickets will be $15 online and $20 at the door. Get your tickets today online at www.teatrolatea.org

Famous for the erect cock scene of Matthew Pilieci, this time the actor playing Wyatt is Julian Caicedo. I wonder if he will also do it the same way Matthew did, a hard cock stage entrance.


  1. SLAVE PLAY is heading to Broadway this fall. Casting hasn’t been announced, but Paul Alexander Nolan went full frontal in the off broadway run as the character “Jim.”

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