Los Pied Pipers de Woodside

The Spanish adaptation of Derek Ahonen/The Amoralists PIED PIPERS OF THE LOWER EAST SIDE by Alejandro Aguilar is faithful to the original version.

In fact, I find the relationship between Billy and Wyatt (played by Jorge Perez and Julian Caicedo) as sweeter as compared to what I remember between James Kautz and Matthew Pilieci.

There is more nudity here as Billy (Jorge Perez) is nude from the beginning of the show to about more than 10 minutes as compared to James Kautz where he was just in his undies. He is circumcised with trimmed pubes.

And Wyatt (Julian Caicedo) did not disappoint either as he went au naturel longer than Pilieci as well, although Pilieci made a mark with his erect cock scene which Julian did not replicate. But he brought more tenderness to this character that you just want to cuddle him. He has nice uncut cock and nice sets of balls. Love his beer belly!


You have a chance to catch the show until the end of the week! 5 more performances left. http://www.teatrolatea.org. And don’t worry, if you don’t speak Spanish, they have subtitles in English.


  1. Saw last night. Enjoyed the play (also saw the original) and especially Caicedo. Hot biker/bear type with a nice fat uncut cock. He was in my face several times and I think beneath that hair this is a very handsome man. Saw a fellow blogger there and then saw him at FCGN at the Rockbar afterwards. We then chatted are favorite plays with male nudity. A fun evening all around!

  2. FCGN is a naked bar night at the Rockbar on Christopher Street. It sometimes meets in Brooklyn. https://www.gonaked.co/fcgn.html Non sexual (with sex police patrolling!) social nudity in a bar setting. Nice mix of guys of all ages, shapes, races, and even a few F to M transgender men. I am very shy – hard to believe – but I felt very comfortable – 66 years old, out of shape, with a small dick……..not pretentious at all.

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