Inheritance by Matthew Lopez

Olivier winner The Inheritance, the Matthew Lopez’ epic 7 hour 15 minutes two-part play is coming to Broadway starting September 27 with official opening night November 17.

This play has been compared to Tony Kushner’s ANGELS IN AMERICA. The Inheritance is about a group of mostly 30-ish gay New Yorkers trying to tell their stories using “Howard’s End” as the framework for the play. And it wouldn’t be a gay play without a full frontal nudity and gay sex.

Samuel H. Levine and Andrew Burnap

Andrew Burnap, John Benjamin Hickey, Paul Hilton, Samuel H. Levine, and Kyle Soller will reprise their roles. Jordan Barbour, Jonathan Burke, Darryl Gene Daughtry Jr., Dylan Frederick, Kyle Harris, Paul Hilton, Carson McCalley, Lois Smith and Arturo Luis Soria completes the Broadway cast.


  1. Mr Levine had a pretty nice full-frontal scene. Very bright lighting, unrushed, any seat is fine. Well, closer is better.

    Not sure if you would go see a play for 3.5 hours just for that. And this play will definitely be one of those opinion dividers. I don’t hate it, but I think it is highly pretentious, way overhyped from London reviews. Too much focus on AIDS and politics with trite dialogues. I guess that’s your go-to tool if you want to compete with Angels.

  2. Saw part 1 this evening and fully agree with Keninadventure’s review. Still processing my feelings about it. Sort of “Angels” meets “Love, Valor, Compassion” in a lot of ways. It is a very “gay play” and don’t think it will have much appeal for the general public. Nudity brief but nice and I think Levine “pumped” before his entrance from the shower. All of the 30-something characters are barefoot for the entire play so a plus for toe queens.

  3. I saw both parts yesterday. I found it utterly absorbing, never dull, the seven hours flew by. The actors are as talented as they are attractive. There is no additional nudity in the second half but there is an extended ‘Fire Island’ sequence with the entire cast in Speedos. It’s a truly epic piece of theater, I was swept away by the story and the characters. Don’t believe the naysayers, sell whatever you have to and get tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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