Jeremy O. Harris’s black comedy will surely polarize the audience, which deals with themes of sexual fantasies seen through a prism of racial subjugation. I give it to him for tackling such a sensitive topic in an entirely unique way. It will surely cause viewers to discuss race after watching this play. Isn’t this what theater is supposed to be about? Make us think? It is definitely entertaining . This is one of those plays that I could watch again the second time to see what have I missed the first time around.

Paul Alexander Nolan

Reposting FIPines comments about this play:

“Very good, thought provoking play. I did not see the off Broadway production so can’t compare the level of nudity. Nolan is starkers the last scene but the stage is very dimly lit. Could not make out the size/cut status of his cock but he appears to be more of a grower than a shower. All the men in the play are very handsome with great bodies. This is very much an actor’s play – go for the content rather than the nudity.”

I agree with FIPines comments.

Paul Alexander Nolan went nude in the last scene. It really was dimly lit, so the best seats are probably closest to the stage. I was sitting in the audience right and I got a good view if his cut cock and nice low hanging balls. As he hops onto the bed to fuck his wife I saw his low hanging balls swinging. Nice view.

Sullivan Jones

I find Sullivan Jones so sexy. He has a nice muscular body, If you are into arm pits, you will definitely get a lot of those from this hot hunk. From all angles, everyone can see his bubble butt. But from the audience right closer to the stage, I was able to get a glimpse of his balls as he was removing his pants. The long shirt he was wearing covered his cock but as he lifted his legsto remove his pants, you could see his balls. But so quick though.

Slave Play

NUDITY RATING: 4 (Quick glimpse of male genitalia)

“Slave Play” is in previews, opens Oct. 6 at the Golden Theatre, 252 W. 45th St., New York;


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