History of Violence

St. Ann’s Warehouse presents
the Schaubühne Berlin production of
History of Violence

By Édouard Louis
Adapted by Thomas Ostermeier, Florian Borchmeyer and Édouard Louis
Directed by Thomas Ostermeier

NOV 13 – DEC 1, 2019

Tickets start at $35

This November, director Thomas Ostermeier and Schaubühne Berlin return to St. Ann’s Warehouse with Édouard Louis’ stunning autobiographical novel History of Violence. Through the fractured recall of Édouard, his sister, police, and doctors, the “brave and ambitious” (The Guardian) book and play reconstruct the trauma of a desire-filled encounter turned violent. A layered retelling that is both devastating and funny, the production uncovers deeply rooted societal racism, homophobia, and rage unbridled under obscure, repressive power structures until all that remains is a nuanced, closely guarded memory.

Run Time: 2 Hours, No Intermission.
Performed in German with English Supertitles.

Nudity and sexual situations.
Recommended for ages 16+


  1. Is there any way we can check comments now without physically going to each post and seeing if there are new comments? The previous version of the site allowed this and I found it quite valuable. Thanks,.

  2. Two upcoming plays that might be worth a look.

    The first mentions brief nudity on the poster and is called Second Chance, playing three nights only at the Hudson Guild. Since the play is about a gay couple, I assume the nudity is male. The first performance is tomorrow.

    The other show is called Animal Husbandry and is part of the NY Fringe festival, which apparently is returning this year. The play is also about a gay couple in a “daddy/son” type of relationship and the news release about it mentioned nudity. Playing several dates throughout October.

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