Linda Vista

Tracy Letts surely knows how to write a play which is both funny but heartbreaking. He was able to show us Wheeler who is in a downward spiral maybe having a midlife crisis, or maybe he is who he is. His dialogue flows so naturally that I appreciate the banters between the characters. This is more of a drama than a comedy, at least for me, so at least there was a bit of a hopeful ending to the story. The cast is uniformly excellent. Perfect casting.

Ian Barford

Ian Barford as Wheeler is a DILF. He does have a dad bod but a hot one!

He has a very nice bubble butt, uncut cock and an unshaved thick pubes.

Seating at the audience left closer to the stage might be problematic as the bed is right in front of the center stage when the nudity happens that you might be partially blocked. I’m not 100% sure as I was on the center orchestra. Audience right closer to the stage might have a closer look of Ian’s privates as he put on his underwear while a towel is wrapped around his waist, but in the extended scene his butt is mostly facing the audience right. The scene was staged without any rush for the actors to put their clothes on. This made the sex scene effective as the audience can feel the vulnerability of the actors. Lighting was not too dim or too bright either.

I had a fun time watching this play, although this is not August: Osage County kind of a play. It is very good but not great.

NUDITY RATING: 5 out of 5

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