Matthew Lopez has woven an intricate intergenerational gay relationships encompassing the 80s up to the present, from the AIDS epidemic to current millennial gay problems. The characters are all rich and complex that you can relate to each one of them. And I give him kudos for this. Although, the best medium for this story might be a mini-series on a television, in my opinion, as there were so much more stories to tell that even a two-part Broadway show is not enough. And as for Broadway, this might have been more effective in a venue such as Circle in the Square given that all characters narrate and act the story from beginning to end or maybe an off Broadway theater so it could have been more intimate. With that, Lopez still had been very effective as many in the audience were sobbing by the end of Part 1. The cast was great but Andrew Burnap as Toby Darling was really a stand out.

Samuel H Levine and Andrew Burnap

As for the nudity, Samuel H Levine went full frontal in Part I. He has very lean body, with almost no body fat. He has a cut cock and a nice low hangers. He can rival Frederick Weller in the original Broadway production of TAKE ME OUT. The nude scene was well lit and you will have time to ogle Sam’s goods. No nudity in Part 2 except Samuel again showing his bubble butt. The rest of the cast were in skimpy bikinis in one scene but only Samuel required full nudity.



  1. Saw part I today and the role of Adam/Leo was played by Samuel Levine’s understudy, Bradley James Tejeda. He was absolutely adorable. Marvelous body and he looked cut but I was sitting too far back to tell for sure. He was an outstanding actor and, almost alone of the cast, I could understand every word he said. Unfortunately the actor playing Eric, one of the main roles, was almost unintelligible. He spoke at a manicly fast pace and either shouted or mumbled so with the words of a major role totally lost I was never able to get into the play. But Bradely James Tejeda was a real find.

  2. All the big roles were played by straight guys. A place that is focused on the experience of being gay and cast all straights. Really? Let’s do a play about Christianity and cast all Jews or Muslims.

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