Another year has passed and here’s what really stood out for me this year: (not in any order)

  1. Dimitris Papaioannou’s THE GREAT TAMER. Not only was this show one of the most visually stunning show I’ve seen but the amount of male nudity in this show is God send. Looking forward to see more of Dimitris’ work.

2. Torn Out Theater cancelled their summer performance. Always looking forward to their summer performances in Brooklyn park. Here’s hoping they get back on track this coming year.

3. 3 Broadway shows with male nudity. Matthew Lopez’ THE INHERITANCE, Tracy Lett’s LINDA VISTA and Jeremy Harris’ SLAVE PLAY. Not only that this does not happen often within a year, the above mentioned shows were great as well and has been the talk of the town, especially Lopez and Harris’ work. Let’s see what they create next. Will it live up to the expectations? Oh, let’s not forget about Paul Alexander Nolan’s schlong.

4. Revival of 2 amazing plays with male nudity: THE PIED PIPERS OF LOWER EAST SIDE in Spanish, Ars Nova’s UNDERGROUND RAILROAD GAME .The Spanish actor ALEJANDRO AGUILAR in LOS PIED PIPERS were hot and has a thick uncut cock and as game as Matthew Pilieci from the original play.

5. A very naked musical CAMP MORNING WOOD. Kudos to the producers for having the balls to create a new musical in the likes of NAKED BOYS SINGING!

6. Alan Cummings nude in DADDY. Another Jeremy Harris play. But the silver haired daddy with big uncut cock had all the limelight! And he deserved it!


  1. Pretty good year for male nudity on stage! Here’s hoping 2020 is just as good (fingers crossed for an amazing production of Take Me Out in April).

    It’s a little early but also want to mention another production in April that promises a ton of nudity: Lobo by Carolina Bianchi at Skirball NYU in early April will feature her and 16 naked men. Google pics from the Brazilian production to get a nice preview. 2 days only (April 3 and 4).

      1. Some disappointing but not surprising news, the coronavirus had claimed its one of our anticipated productions: due to NYU restrictions, all Skirball productions are cancelled for the next few weeks including Lobo and its 16 naked men onstage. I understand why (plus I am sure the performers, based in Brazil, dont want to travel to a state with such a high infection rate). However, it still sucks. Hopefully they reschedule though since it was only for two nights who knows. I feel like the odds of rescheduling are either really low (“Its just two nights, why bother?”), or pretty good (“We just need two nights, lets stick it in our October schedule). We will have to wait and see. Hopefully Take Me Out is not affected…

    1. Also at NYU Skirball in April is the always amazing gay male dance company Madboots Dance. Two night only, April 10th and 11th. They are premiering a new work “Holy.” While they don’t always include nudity in their work, there is an advisory on the Skirball website that “Holy” is appropriate for ages 18 and up, so I’m betting nudity will be involved.

  2. There is going to be a production of Martin Sherman’s Bent in Brooklyn at Triskelion Arts from Feb 6 to Feb 15. The role of Wolf has a nude scene in this play.

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