Martin Sherman’s 1979 landmark play is back in NYC for a very limited run. This play has stood the test of time and still delivers a powerful punch, leaving the audience teary eyed at the end, including me.

The all female team of director Emma Coulter provides a creditable version of this powerful play. Due to it’s low budget, I felt the first act was very amateurish but in the second act, with only minimal set, the power of Shermans writing took over and made a very good night at the theater.

The cast were all wonderful and did an excellent job. Will Bethmann as Max and Josh Popa’s Horst has great chemistry that even though the audience know how it will end, it was still heartbreaking to witness the tragedy of their love story.

Josh Popa as Horst and Wil Bethmann as Max

Conor Hamill as Wolf had full frontal nudity in the first act. He has a big and thick uncut cock and moderately hairy body. Ligthing was great that you can see his nice body very clearly.

Conor Hamill as Wolf

Only one more week of performance, will end on Feb.15.

If you are getting there by subway, please take note that it is at least 15 minute walk from the subway to Triskelion Arts. But I think it is worth it.


Location: Triskelion Arts
106 Calyer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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  1. Thank you for the review! I’ve only read the play so I’m looking forward to seeing a staged production. Seeing it this week… where’s the best seats?

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