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Except for Patrick Adams, the original cast of Second Stages TAKE ME OUT revival is intact. Bill Heck will join the team in the role of Skippy. Bill Heck is no stranger to nudity onstage. He went full frontal before in ANGELS IN AMERICA. I love a man who is not shy to show us everything.


Second Stage Theater’s Tony Award-winning revival of Richard Greenberg’s 2002 play, “Take Me Out,” is returning to Broadway this fall with both Jesse Williams and Jesse Tyler Ferguson reprising their roles. It will begin performances at the Schoenfeld Theater on Oct. 27, and is scheduled to run for 14 weeks.


Second Stage Theater has announced that confirmed that Take Me Out, the all-star Covid-delayed revival directed by Scott Ellis and starring Patrick J. Adams, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jesse Williams, will begin performances in Spring 2022. So we have to wait for another year! I wonder if it will still have the original cast (I’m keeping my fingers crossed) I want Jesse Williams!


I think the most awaited play of 2020 especially by gay men is the revival of Richard Greenberg’s TAKE ME OUT. Not only because of the male nudity (which I’m so excited about) but because it is a really funny play and at the same time still so relevant given that no baseball player has come out yet!

I had my eyes on Jesse Williams since he joined GREY’S ANATOMY. I can’t even imagine seeing his anatomy for real!!!

Patrick Adams had been so dashing in SUITS. He really looks great in suits. And for sure even better without one!

Let’s hope this corona virus situation gets resolved soon so we can enjoy this play much better. Like what Calvin reported, it was a bummer that LOBO got cancelled at NYU Skirball.

Take Me Out starts previews on April 2. Runs until June 14, 2020. Get your tickets now!


  1. Well, its official- Broadway will be dark until April 12. Take Me Out will lose a week of performances but at least it wont be too affected (a limited run show can survive losing a week but if they had lost a month who knows).

    Question for those who had tickets for shows prior to the 12th – were you automatically refunded or did you have to reach out to the ticket vendor to get your money back?

    1. You’ll get an email from the vendor in regards to a refund. I did for a couple of shows that I was planning to see next weekend. My Take Me Out tickets are still good for June.

  2. Ugh, I am starting to get nervous this production will shut down before it even begins. The Broadway League is discussing extending the shutdown beyond April 12th and two shows have already shuttered (though both had already started previews). I guess we will have to watch and see. The timing just sucks!

  3. Well, the Broadway closure has been extended to June 7th. Considering Take Me Out was scheduled until June 14, it will either be rescheduled for the fall or cancelled outright. Fingers crossed for the former!

    1. Ya. Fingers crossed for rescheduling. There may have to be cast replacements though due to scheduling conflicts.

      1. Well no word yet but a Washington Post article said the production says it still intends to open. The article notes availability of stars might complicate things but I dont think that will be too much of a problem. As talented as both Jesse’s are, I dont think people were buying tickets solely for them like they would if someone like Hugh Jackman or Nathan Lane were playing roles. They probably will need to recast but I can see them pushing it back to the fall.


  4. Good news! The website for 2nd stage says they have postponed the play until it is safe to return to the theatre, they are thinking late summer or the fall since even if the all clear is given in June the cast was only about two weeks into rehearsal. It said the cast was ready to go and the sets are in and they remain committed to putting the play on! No mention yet of any recasting, fingers crossed all are able to return.

    It probably helped that it was the end of the season and Take Me Out was one of the last plays they were producing for the 2019-2020 season. There wasnt anything yet waiting on deck (oh baseball reference lol) like the case of Beetlejuice where the Music Man kicked it to the curb.

  5. Some more good news – Jesse Tyler Ferguson posted pics on Instagram of the cast rehearsing over Zoom. Everyone was present including Jesse Williams and Patrick so it doesnt look like anyone has had to drop out for scheduling conflicts.

    1. Considering they first announced the production nearly a year in advance in 2019, we will have had to wait almost two years for this show! If they do a half ass job on the shower scenes I will riot lol.

      I have to say, I completely understand why they are postponing Broadway’s return but six months without theater is going to be tough. I am used to going to a show at least once or twice a month. I haven’t seen anything since January so it will be a full year before I can see a play again. Stupid Covid

  6. I’ve never been able to post on this site, so I am connecting something unrelated. I found the “Male Nudity on the Stage” Vimeo site a good substitute during these trying times. This was particularly interesting and somewhat satisfied my craving to see men naked on stage again:

    Fast forward to about the 30 min marker.

    1. I just got notification from 2nd Stage – they are still committed to producing this play despite the delays though this time they were smart and didnt include a new date. I have read online in forums and Twitter that many folks seem to think fall will be the earliest Broadway comes back. Yikes!

    1. Lol, better late than never I guess. Hopefully the whole cast is coming back. Since Jesse Williams just ended his run on Grey’s Anatomy he will have time to dedicate to the show, hopefully Patrick Adams is also still available.

  7. broadway comes back with a bang… PASS OVER, a wondrous play from antoinette chinonye nwandu. magnificent performances, a great modern classic, and male nudity to boot! peaches and all from gabriel ebert and jon michael hill. A MUST SEE!

      1. yes! first ebert, then hill. happens in the last fifteen minutes of the show. worth the admission for the play itself AND the peaches.

  8. In addition to more Take Me Out coming to Broadway, BAM also will have two productions with male nudity to check out.

    In October they are putting on A Little Life by Ivo Von Hove. The main character of Jude is apparently fully nude several times throughout (in the Netherlands Ramsey Nasr played the role)

    Then in November is Transverse Orientation by Dimitris Papaioannou. This production will feature several male performers nude, as shown in the linked trailer:

    BAM site:

  9. Cast for fall revival announced – original cast pretty much intact expect for Bill Heck taking over for Patrick J. Adams. Original understudies also returning though understudy for Darren not yet announced.

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