Lillies or the Revival of Romantic Drama

It’s great to finally have NY Theater coming back to life since the Corona virus pandemic, at least Off-Broadway (Broadway will re-open Sept.16)

From the grapevine, lots of male nudity in this play. Unbelievable that this is the first fully staged performance of this play in NYC!

Lillies is one of the first indoor theater productions as the theater industry is trying to come back to life. Let us support this play!

Lilies features an all-male cast of 11 actors. Grant Hale as Jean Bilodeau; Florimond Le Goupil-Maier as Count Vallier De Tilly; Bill Morton as Countess Marie-Laure de Tilly; Drew Paton as Father St. Michael and Baron De Hue; and J.P. Ross as Lydie Anne De Rozier. Joining the cast for the Lilies Off-Broadway premiere are J.J. Miller as Simon 1952/Timothee Doucet; Hartley Parker as Simon Ducet 1912; Devon Savage as Student/Baroness De Hue; Marc Verzatt as Bishop Bilodeau; and Grant Evan and Max Richards in the ensemble.

From the press release:

Set against a backdrop of revenge, obsession, and love, Lilies tells the story of Simon Doucet, recently released from prison after serving a 30-year sentence for a crime he did not commit. He arranges a private meeting with his former school friend, Jean Bilodeau, now a powerful Bishop. Simon and his friends, all former prison inmates, revisit the harrowing events that occurred during their final year at St. Sebastian’s school for boys.

Opening Night: May 05, 2021
Final Performance: June 14, 2021

The Theater Center, New York City
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Tickets: $45-62

The production features full-frontal nudity and is recommended for audiences 16+.]


  1. Welcome back! Glad to see posts back on the blog, I really missed NY theater during this whole pandemic! Hopefully all the regular readers are doing well. Definitely looking forward to seeing some new shows as well as revisiting some old favorites (heck I might go see Phantom again just to get out of the house!)

    Another show with nudity coming out soon – there is a revival of Camp Morningwood playing in June at the Asylum Theater!

  2. Okay, here’s the scoop. Saw today’s matinee. Play a bit slow and the theater was warm, but worth seeing for the great DICK! Hartley Parker (Simon) starts us off in the beginning of the show playing St. Sebastian in the school play. What a hunk of a young man. He sort of reminded me of Joe Dallesandro in the early Warhol flicks – and he has Joe’s nipples. He is only wearing a Japanese style fundoshi and not very snug- could see his nut sack and pubes from the side. I found this very erotic. He was barefoot but the stage is not raised and could not see what I assume were his worshipful feet. By the way, he is not the actor in the above pic. Florimond Le Goupil-Maier (Vallier) is the other male lead. Both his name and his package are mouthfuls. He strips fully naked for the bathtub scene and is a Nordic god. Parker joins him in the tub and also strips fully naked. Florimond stands up in the tub for about 30 seconds and the audience can admire his gorgeous cock. Both he and Parker have magnificent cocks and both have really nice low hanging balls. Both are circumcised and both have long cocks. Parker’s a bit longer but Florimond makes up for it in girth. It was enough to give this old man a chubby leak some pre-cum, first time that has happened in awhile. An added unexpected treat is when Florimond bends over in the bath tub and I caught a glimpse of his delectable butt hole. Florimond also lays on top of Parker and both are fully naked. I give this 5 stars for the generous and lovely genitalia. You can save a lot of money by purchasing the tickets at the box office and giving the agent code BBOXLILIESPREM. That knocks $20 off premium tickets ($40 instead of $60.) I’m not sure what the regular seats cost but there is no need to pay for premium seats since the theater is so small. It was good to be back in the theater. This was my first play since January 2020. Social distancing is enforced. There are two seats between audience members and no one directly in front or back. So now big heads to block the lovely cocks!

  3. Just a heads up, they canceled the last week of performances so it is now closing on June 6th. Not sure why but only a few performances left.

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