Here is the cast of TAKE ME OUT!

I believe most of the cast from last year are still intact. From their current press release, here are the hunks of TAKE ME OUT. Can’t wait to see them…. in the nude.

Patrick Adams
Julian Cihi
Brandon J Dirden
Carl Lundstedt
Eduardo Ramos
Hiram Delgado
Tyler Lansing Weaks
Michael Oberholtzer
And of course Jesse Williams


  1. OK, saw last night. I didn’t realize this was opening night for previews. Had front row center mezzanine seats. For those of you with tickets you will receive an email noting that cell phones must be checked and locked in those little bags that look like women’s cigarette cases from the 60’s. You keep the bag and it’s unlocked when you leave. This really slowed down entering the theater and the 7:00 play did not start until about 7:20. Now that I am approching 69 I shall try to write this review with a bit of dignity. But, JESSE WILLIAMS’ DICK IS ENORMOUS! As a matter of fact it is twice as big as all the other actors. Jesse, by the way, is far more handsome than his pictures. While you got to see all of the goods, the nudity did not seem as much “in your face” as other productions I have seen – but I did not see the original Broadway production. For example the initial nude scene where Koovitz walks on the stage naked while Darren is undressing was more abbreviated. You can see Koovitz’s dick (the gorgeous Carl Lundstedt) but he quickly puts on his underwear – Darren does undress but immediately puts his towel on. The famous shower scene if very FULL FRONTAL. Most of the guys have medium dicks except Rodriguez and Martinez (Ramos and Delgado.) They are both quite handsome with nice cocks but I found them hotter when they were in police uniforms (guarding Shane when he is jail) and when wearing business suts during Davey’s memorial service. Kippy (Patrick Adams) has a short dick with (what I think) covered with one of those very tight foreskins that look like nipples. You can really see Jesse’s dick when he confronts Shane in the shower. All guys very handsome and all have rimmable asses. The play, however, seemed to lack passion – that’s the best way I can explain it. I think it was produced to appeal to a mostly heterosexual audience – and I could tell many women where there to see Jesse. The now famous Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Marzac just couldn’t pull off that role for some reason. Maybe I’m getting jaded and old but I didn’t get that little tingle in my crotch that I used to get seeing this play. BTW, the Helen Hayes theater is small so even the cheaper seats should give you a good view.

  2. Thanks for your review! Can you comment on the cut/uncut status of the dicks other than Patrick Adams?

    1. As far as I could tell from the front row mezzanine all but Adams look cut – and I could be wrong about Adams. But it looks like he had one of those very tight foreskins that cover everything with the nipple end.

      1. MANY thanks!! I really appreciate your review. The young actor Michael Oberholtzer is new to me and he pushes ALL of my buttons, so I was very curious.

  3. Regarding the above pictures of the cast, the one of Carl Lundstedt is wrong. That is a pic of German actor Max Riemelt. You can see his gorgeous cock in Sense8.

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