Jesse and Patrick confirms nudity in TAKE ME OUT

The lead actors in the upcoming Broadway revival of TAKE ME OUT by Richard Greenberg confirms when ET interviewed them that they’ll b win the nude!!!!

So excited to watch this show. After 2 years of waiting, it’s coming soon!


  1. They promised nudity and boy did they deliver! Considering they are the most famous of the cast who get nude, they both also were the most comfortable it seemed being nude (the rest of the cast for the most part seems game, only Julian Cihi turned his back during the shower scene but I think it was a character choice). Jesse is gorgeous and he has definitely been blessed physically. I enjoyed his perfromance as well, he is a good choice to play Darren. Patrick Adams is more of an average body and size but he is just as attractive, he had no fear on stage. Had a crush on him since the first season of Suits, never thought I would see him in his birthday suit (ugh, that was painful to type lol). Of the non nude famous cast member, I enjoyed Jesse Tyler Ferguson and though he definitely injected the humor and heart into the play. It is still in previews so there are things to work out, some bungled line readings here and there but all in all enjoyable. The women behind definitely enjoyed it!

  2. So glad Take Me Out is FINALLY happening. Quick question for those who have seen it. For the infamous scene If I wanted to try to get a glimpse of Julian Cihi (who many said is to the audience’s left), what seats would be best? Would I be better getting tickets in Row A/Row B -OR- would it be better to do Row C (to the audience’s left). Thank you in advance. Excited to see this!

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