TAKE ME OUT Fever is on!

I admit I am a Take me Out whore. I have seen this play multiple times from the time that it started off Broadway in Public theater to their Broadway move. And in between, some off off Broadway incarnations of this play did not miss my watchful eyes. Now with the long awaited revival of Richard Greenberg’s play I am just super excited especially my fave Grey’s anatomy resident Jesse Williams stars as Darren Lemming.

With Florida’s ‘Don’t say gay ‘ bill it could not be more timely. And recently The Red Sox released Brett Netzer after the infielder went on a hateful/homophobic social media tirade. And it took 19 years since this play premiered on Broadway to have a current baseball player come out as gay. Bryan Ruby of the Salem-Kaizer in Oregon came out September 2021.

Take me out is as entertaining as ever. The current reincarnation I think is better albeit slightly because of Jesse Williams. In the original , Denis O’ Hare was outstanding as the gay accountant Mason Marzac. But Daniel Sunjata was not able to match him so even though his is the main role somehow, the impact over-all was diminished.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson takes on a big role. He might not be as great as Denis, but his energy matches well with Jesse Williams and this made the play more balanced in my opinion. Why did I say Jesse was better than Daniel? Jesse was able to show us more than the narcissism and big ego of Darren Lemming but he also showed us his vulnerability as he felt guilt at the latter part of the play when his friend Davey died and he was blaming himself. I have seen Daniel Sunjata’s performance multiple times and have not felt that guilt. Until now. Some of the jokes might be unfamiliar to younger audience such as the reference to Chelsea for Darren’s marshmallow commercial at 2 am but the theme of Take Me Out is as relevant as today’s headlines.

Thanks to all the readers who have commented already and shared their observations in terms of nudity. Now here’s my take: Jesse Williams body is so hot. He has nice big uncut cock and nice big balls. And his ass is perfect as well. Patrick J Adams has such a handsome face and his dad bod is hot in my opinion. I love his hairy chest and thick pubes. He is also uncut, seems to have a tight foreskin and tight balls. Michael Oberholtzer as Shane Mungitt- has a cut cock, hairy body and thick tubes. Carl Lundstedt as Toddy Koovitz ( And Just Like That’s David Eigenberg played this role in the original Broadway production) has a big mushroom head and really bushy pubes and hairy ass. Tyler Lansing Weaks as Jason Chenier (Kohl Sudduth originated this role, the dumb jock, who I still remember has such a humongous balls!) has nice ripped body and nice cut package. Hiram Delgado has a long uncut cock and has a long foreskin. Eduardo Ramos has a nice abs and hairy chest and a pretty decent circumcised cock. He also has a thick bush.

NUDITY RATING: A perfect 10 of course. A definitely must-see. Over and over. Catch it. Limited engagement only until May 29!


  1. So glad Take Me Out is FINALLY happening. Quick question for those who have seen it. For the infamous scene If I wanted to try to get a glimpse of Julian Cihi (who many said is to the audience’s left), what seats would be best? Would I be better getting tickets in Row A/Row B -OR- would it be better to do Row C (to the audience’s left). Thank you in advance. Excited to see this!

    1. Any of the first few rows sitting close to the audience’s left side should give you a good view of him. Definitely keep your eyes peeled because he is the one who leaves the shower first, so you might miss him if you’re paying attention to any of the other naked guys standing all in a row.

  2. Saw this production and second the above post. I will say that Jesse Williams was definitely fluffed to a huge semi for his main shower scene in Act 2 – very hot to stare at it. It was a clear contrast from how his dick looked when you briefly see it in Act 1 before he puts on a towel (he is still large when flaccid, but you could see his foreskin more easily and it wasn’t as big as the Act 2 semi). Michael Oberholtzer, has a very cute, short and stubby dick by comparison so it is quite a contrast between the two of them in their shower scene. As for everyone else, it was nice to see such a beautiful array of glistening cocks under the running water. Definitely go see this show if you enjoy male nudity!

    1. Oh – Hiram Delgado also looked like he had been fluffed, his cock was pointing straight out and looked semi hard to hard. It was very hot to see.

  3. Update from the other TMO whore! Saw this production for the second time tonight. I walked up for a ticket and got ROW A seat 108!!! Yikes, I thought. The first time I saw the production was the first day of previews. I am so glad I squandered my SS check to see it again! There were some noticeable differences. The most obvious to me was Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He was a bit stiff when I first saw him and I was a bit disappointed with him playing Marzac. He has since evolved into the role and I loved his performance tonight. Row A center has it ups and downs. The upside having an extreme close up look at the marvelous cocks on display. During the shower room confrontation between Darren and Shane, I was literally about 12 feet feet from Jesse Williams’ incredible member. On the downside I could not see most of the worshipful feet. During the beginning of the first act when Darren and Kippy are talking, I got a really good close-up of their magificent feet! Jesse Williams’ feet were a real turn on!!! Yum. I was VERY fortunate to see 2 understudies: Stephen Wattrus as Koovitz and Michael Castillejos as Rodriguez. OMG!!! Wattrus is a strapping, gorgeous, tall, cut South African with the, hands down, biggest cock and balls I have ever seen on stage – he replaced Williams as being the alpha male. He showed his massive dick much longer than Lundstedt did during the initial nude scene and he kept it in the audience faces duing the shower scene. I couldn’t get enough it and even got a little chubby – which didn’t happen the first time I saw the show. Castillejos had a small, but suckable, cock and balls. FLUFF, FLUFF, FLUFF!!! The first time I saw the play Patrick Adams’ cock was small with a very tight foreskin. Tonight he was protruding with his dick head fully exposed. It was VERY nice – didn’t dwell on it too long because my eyes kept going back to Wattrus’ absolutely magnificent horse cock. Delgado also looked to me like he was semi-erect as his dick was sticking straight out. I agree with previous reviews that Williams was fluffed for the shower scene. Being about 12 feet away from his cock I could see every vein and his dick head was exposed – it was soft and covered by his foreskin during the initial scene with Koovitz. I feel so blessed seeing all that dick close-up! During the curtain call I was about 2 feet from the actors. As soon as I complete this I am going to start jacking fantasizing about being the offical TMO fluffer and foreskin cleaner During one of Marzac’s monologues Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s spit hit me in the face (yes, I was that close.) I was praying that Wattrus’s spit would also hit me in the face but, unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Google Stephen Wattrus and you will see what I mean. BTW, I also spent more time looking at Oberholtzer’s ass and it is a masterpiece.

  4. Addendum: Wattrus is not only the understudy for Koovitz, but also for Kippy and Shane – so that inreases the chances of seeing him.

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